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Are Nina Dobrev and Shaun White Getting Engaged? The Vampire Diaries Star Addresses the Topic

By January 18, 2022No Comments

Instagram’s favorite celebrity couple, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have been dating since 2020. Showcasing their love on social media, the lovely duo has often left fans awestruck with their adorable yet goofy pictures.

Winter Olympics icon Shaun White has already planned his retirement and will start another chapter of his life post-Beijing Olympics 2022. So, fans have started making assumptions about Nina and Shaun’s engagement, and here is how Nina reacted to it.

Nina Dobrev takes the safe road on engagement talks

Shaun White leaves no chance to talk about his lady love, Nina Dobrev. Notably, he also claimed Nina to be his ‘lifesaver’ during the pandemic. However, when it comes to revealing the details about their future plans, Nina wishes to keep those private.

In a recent interview for her upcoming movie, ‘Redeeming Love’, Nina was asked if there are any possible engagement plans in the near future. Neither denying nor accepting, Nina savagely replied, saying, ”Nice try! A-for the effort.”

The couple has been spending most of their time away from home, due to their hectic schedules. While the Hollywood sensation, Nina is always working on her projects, Shaun has been working towards his last Olympic appearance for a while now. However, post that, Shaun hopes to start his family someday.

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Shaun White finds fatherhood appealing

Shaun White’s siblings are married, currently raising mini versions of themselves. Notably, watching them together has inspired Shaun to consider the idea of starting his own family someday.

White said, ”My brother has two sons and my sister has a daughter and one more on the way. I don’t know, that seems slightly appealing, obviously. It’s just simple things like that. I guess that’s probably much more complicated than I’m making it out to be.”

PYEONGCHANG-GUN, SOUTH KOREA – FEBRUARY 14: Gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White of the United States speaks during a press conference at the Main Press Centre during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games on February 14, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

While their personal plans are yet to be revealed, on the professional front, White is heading to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. However, as fans wait to see Shaun create history with a fourth gold medal, they certainly also wish to see the power couple tie the knot soon.

Do you think 2022 will be the year Shaun and Nina get engaged?

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