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Michelle McCool on How She and The Undertaker Kept Their Relationship Secret in WWE: “I Would Wait Until Everybody Left the Building”

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When you are a top WWE star, it becomes hard to hide personal relationships in public. Many WWE superstars gain a lot of media attention, which they cannot escape. However, there was one such superstar who never talked about her relationship in the media. That superstar was none other than Michelle McCool, wife of WWE Legend The Undertaker.

Michelle McCool has faced many difficulties in life. During one time in her life, she was so unwell that she couldn’t even move. Eventually, she was hospitalized, which led her into a coma for 16 days. To her surprise, there was The Undertaker who looked after her during her illness.

The love life of “The Deadman” and Michelle McCool is quite interesting. During her interview with Lilian Garcia, she mentioned how the legend proposed to her unexpectedly. She talked about how she was hanging around in the arena with MVP and Chavo when The Undertaker approached her.

“You know how to throw a football? You’re gonna throw a ball and apparently, guys aren’t that simple, because he’s like, I fell in love.”

How did The Undertaker and Michelle McCool keep their relationship hidden from everyone in WWE?

Today, fans see Michelle McCool and The Undertaker, a happily married couple. However, both superstars put in a lot of effort to keep their relationship a secret in their early days of dating. However, it becomes hard when there is constant media attention on your personal life.

Although The Undertaker and Michelle McCool were in a relation, it was not an easy task to hide it from others. She knew that being in a relationship with The Undertaker won’t be easy. She knew many challenges would come up in front of her, so she kept the relationship a secret for a brief time.

Talking about that, she said, “I would literally wait until everybody left the building so nobody saw me get on the bus. I would do anything I possibly could to, you know, make people still see Michelle for Michelle, not for Undertaker’s, you know, at the time girlfriend. Yeah. Which I’ve quickly learned that never goes away because now I’m just Undertaker’s wife.” H/t Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia.

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Michelle McCool is way more than The Undertaker’s Wife

WWE Universe knows Michelle McCool as The Undertaker’s wife, but the legendary wrestler is much more than that. She is the first-ever Divas Champion who secured the title in the first place. Moreover, she was also the first woman to win both the WWE Divas Championship and the Women’s Championship.

While McCool is undoubtedly a WWE legend, she is an equally great wife. She has supported ‘The Undertaker’ through every stage of his career and even when fans gave negative thoughts on The Undertaker’s performance, she stood by his side.

At the 2022 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, we will witness Michelle McCool back in action. Are you excited to watch her in action again? Tell us in the comments.

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