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Xbox Game Pass Continues To Soar As It Tops Popular Nintendo Console



Xbox is seemingly on a warpath to establish itself as one of the larger contenders in the video game industry. Its revolutionary Game Pass has brought about titles that fans can enjoy without having to pay for the titles individually. In fact, the Xbox Game Pass has become so popular that it has even overshadowed consoles.

Xbox Game Pass has garnered more purchases than GameCube and original console

Christopher Dring is the head of GamesIndustry. His affiliation with the organization naturally brings about deep knowledge in the field of gaming. He recently used his Twitter account to let fans know some startling news.

With 25m subscribers, Game Pass is now bigger than GameCube and the original Xbox.

— Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) January 18, 2022

It seems like the Game Pass has garnered an astounding 25 million subscribers. This is an astronomical number. In fact, this number is so huge that it has managed to supersede the sales of 2 standalone consoles.


Microsoft’s explosive entry into the world of gaming with the Xbox console is regarded as an industry-changing move. Yet when compared to the number of units the original console sold, the number pales in comparison to Game Pass’ subscriber count.

The original iteration of Microsoft’s original console sold 24 units worldwide. Keep in mind, this also is not a small number and that the console was extremely successful in its own regard.

Nintendo GameCube, on the other hand, sold over 21 million units in its lifespan. While the Nintendo GameCube did not go down as successfully as some of the other Nintendo consoles, this console did relatively well. But again, this number, too, is still less than the Game Pass’ subscriber count.

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Xbox’s new move

It seems like Xbox is making massive moves in the gaming industry. In fact, Microsoft has quite recently acquired the massive AAA publisher, Activision Blizzard. A deal that cost around $70 billion. With this recent acquisition, it looks like a lot of IPs will be making their way to Microsoft/Xbox.


Adding on, fans are waiting in anticipation to find out what this purchase means for Call of Duty. The iconic shooter franchise is revered and successful. Questions are arising regarding whether or not this fan-loved franchise will turn into a Microsoft exclusive, joining the ranks of Halo and Forza.

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