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Daughter murdered mum then wrapped body in old curtains & hid it in cupboard under stairs for 2 months

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A MONSTER daughter murdered her mum then wrapped her body in a curtain and hid it in a cupboard under the stairs for two months.

Cassandra Scott, 36, stabbed mum Beverley Scott ten times in a drug-fuelled rage at her home in Manchester – piercing the back of her heart twice.

MEN MediaBeverley Scott was stabbed to death at home[/caption]

She then covered her butchered body with plastic sheets, bed covers and old curtains and left her in a cupboard under the stairs.

Beverley was discovered two months later by a housing officer after concerns were raised over her whereabouts.

Scott claimed she was acting in self defence but jurors saw through her lies and she was convicted of murder in just over an hour.

Manchester Crown Court heard how the pair both used drugs including crack cocaine.

A row erupted in the kitchen when Beverley became “enraged” her daughter wanted to move back in with her ex-partner.

Scott then knifed her mum – with two of the stab wounds penetrating her chest cavity and piercing the back of her heart.

The court was told it was a “persistent attack” with at least one of the injuries inflicted with “severe” force.

Instead of calling 999, she left Beverley to die before stashing her body in the cupboard.

But suspicions were raised when the mum failed to answer a call from her support worker.

She also had not been seen walking her dog but Scott told neighbours she was in rehab.

The evil daughter even claimed to one pal her mum had “passed away in hospital”.

After Beverley’s body was found, Scott spun a web of lies claiming her mum picked a knife up and was “coming at me”.

She added: “She just put it towards my neck.

“It just happened so quick, everything happened so fast.

“Obviously somehow I got the knife off her.”

When asked why she hid the body in a cupboard, she said she “didn’t want it to be real”.

Beverley’s body was found on June 10 with her murder believed to have been carried out between March 25 and April 1 last year.

Scott is due to be sentenced today.

MEN MediaA row had broken out over Cassandra Scott wanting to move back in with her ex[/caption]

MEN MediaBeverley’s body was found two months after she was stabbed to death[/caption]

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