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Former WWE World Champion Details His Rapport With Vince McMahon: “Vince Hates My Effin Guts, What the Hell”



“The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler has already made a decorated career in WWE. Till now he has won 14 Championship and main evented multiple PPVs. Chiefly, he is looked at as a superstar that Vince McMahon placed a lot of trust in. Ziggler has given us many memorable moments in the last 10 years. 

Nowadays, Ziggler wrestles on RAW and is also a stand-up comedian. His contract allows him to appear on the shows to fulfill his non-wrestling hobby.

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A 15+ year veteran in WWE, Ziggler has done it all in his wrestling career. Starting as a cheerleader in Spirit Squad and now becoming Dolph Ziggler, he has come a long way.

Recently, Ziggler appeared on Out of Character show with Ryan Satin, where he discussed his career in WWE and his relationship with Vince McMahon. He addressed how they wanted him to be Kurt Angle’s protégé, but he ended up as a cheerleader. 


He took the opportunity just to be in the industry. Ziggler said, “I thought at the time, you get one shot in the business and I somehow made it this far”.

Ziggle was happy to take the job as a cheerleader in WWE. This got him a chance to work with legends like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, and Dusty Rhodes. He added, “Because of that Spirit Squad one year, I am 10 times better than I should have been no matter how hard I tried”.

He also further said that his relationship with Vince is great. Vince has always pushed Ziggler to his limits, which has made him someone Vince could rely on. Ziggler said, “There is a trust that so few of your favorites have that I have.” He also added, “Vince hates my effin guts, what the hell is happening here”.

In the past few years, Ziggler has always been a go-to guy for Vince for any debutant. Earning the trust of Vince is something only a few can do and Ziggler has done it.


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Ziggler praises Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio, son of legendary luchador Rey Mysterio, is wrestling in WWE since the year 2020. He is currently on a tag team run with his father. Both men are chasing WWE RAW tag team titles where they have matches with Ziggler and Robert Roode. 

Ziggler praised Dominik saying, “Dominik who just loves the business, is a sweetheart. He’s gonna be great for long time. It is fun to be in there and throw something’s around and see what he does, it’s really fun.”   

Ziggler is a mentor for young talents backstage and is happy to give it back to the business which has given him so much. He is also grateful to WWE for permitting him to pursue his hobby of stand-up comedy. 

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