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“He Was the David Beating All the Goliath” – Mike Tyson Names His Favorite UFC Fighter



Mike Tyson shares an exuberant relationship with many UFC fighters. Over the course of time, Tyson appeared on many UFC events and he’s always been assertive about his love for the promotion and its fighters. For many of his podcasts too, Tyson ropes in Henry Cejudo, who stirred the biggest MMA promotion with his brilliance.

But who actually is Tyson’s favorite UFC fighter of all time? Is it Conor McGregor, Francis Ngannou, or Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Recently, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ was on the Full Send Podcast. Here, he shed light on his favorite UFC fighter.

“Wow, too many. I wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be too modern if it would be. Some guys during the middle passage of it, you know when it first started, some of the guys was incredible. Now the guys, everybody, like I always loved Royce Gracie.”

“He was everybody’s friend, and he was the David beating all the Goliath. But now everybody knows their style, now you know,” he said.


Royce Gracie can be considered as one of the first big stars of the UFC. He fought for the very first time on UFC 1: The Beginning, in 1993. In this appearance, Gracie submitted his adversary, Art Jimmerson, in the first round itself.

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Post that, he went on to collect 10 wins in a row. At that time, Mike Tyson too was at the peak of his boxing run. And he was well aware of the magic Gracie was creating in the MMA space. That said, Tyson never shies away from complementing and talking about his favorite fight stars, especially from the UFC.

Mike Tyson and his relationship with UFC stars

Mike Tyson keeps himself connected to prime boxers as well as established UFC icons.

YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA – SEPTEMBER 6, 2018: American professional boxer Mike Tyson during a press conference following a boxing masterclass for RCC Boxing Promotions boxers and children at the Martial Arts Academy established by the Russian Copper Company. Donat Sorokin/TASS (Photo by Donat SorokinTASS via Getty Images)

That said, Tyson shares a special bonding with UFC stars and he brought in Ngannou, Nurmagomedov, and many more names to his podcast earlier.


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Even after his retirement, Tyson stays in the news with exhibition bouts, appearances on UFC and boxing events, and podcasts.

In the coming time too, ‘Iron’ Mike will look to bring in more UFC biggies on his podcast.

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