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“I Have Been Blessed With Talent”: Usain Bolt Does Not Think He Is a Hero

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Sprinting legend Usain Bolt might have retired, but he still remains the greatest sprinter to have graced the field. Bolt’s world records in 100m and 200m still remain unbeaten to date. This just proves that he is indeed the fastest man on earth.

Not just sprinting athletes, but all athletes look up to Usain Bolt since he has to be one of the greatest athletes in the world; he is a role model for so many people worldwide.

That is why a Jamaican leader has proposed that Bolt be declared a national hero. The athlete, however, remains humble and says that he never thought of himself as a hero.

“I never thought myself a hero”: Usain Bolt

Opposition senator Floyd Morris has called for a motion to declare Usain Bolt a national hero in Jamaica. Bolt, however, denies knowing anything about this.

Being the humble athlete that he is, he says he doesn’t think of himself as a hero and that he just used his talent and worked hard his entire life to become the best sprinter and make his country proud.

“I have never thought of myself as a hero. I just know I have been blessed with talent, and I work hard to maximize it,” he said.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica reacts as he wins the Olympic mens 200m final in a new world record time in the Birds Nest stadium, Beijing on August 20th 2008 in Beijing, China (Photo by Tom Jenkins/Getty Images). An image from the book “In The Moment” published June 2012

However, he feels good to know that his work has impacted people so much that they consider him a hero. This kind of motivation encourages Bolt to push his boundaries and keep going.

“It shows that my hard work has impacted people in [a] positive way and motivates me to continue pushing the boundaries [and] what is possible as long as you believe in yourself,” he added.

He advised the youth of today that there are no limits.

Bolt doesn’t believe in limits

The 8-time Olympic champion also doesn’t believe in limits. Whenever the athlete does something, he strives for the very best and does it to his maximum capacity.

“I never put limits on myself. [I] don’t want to sound cliche, but the truth is I am always striving for whatever is the best in whatever I am doing,” said Bolt.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – AUGUST 19: Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates after winning the Men’s 4 x 100m Relay Final on Day 14 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on August 19, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Even after his sprinting career, Bolt took up football and music. Last year, he released his music album “Country Yutes” and saw great success there too. Bolt has taken his music career seriously and plans to go ahead with it.

“As I have stated before, it’s important for me to get a foot in the musical door. We know once I get running, winning is a must, and that’s just my mindset,” he said.

Bolt has always given his best to whatever he does, and perhaps that is why he has seen success everywhere.

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