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Logan Paul Narrates a Hilarious Story Regarding Kanye West and Jake Paul

Jake and Logan Paul are the biggest boxing sensations of recent times. Both the brothers stirred the combat sports fraternity with their in-ring activities and antics. Logan Paul began the trend of celebrity bouts, whereas Jake Paul advanced ahead by confronting celebrities and MMA stars in the professional circuit.

Both of them chalked out their careers in their own unique ways. Also, they live their life to the fullest and recently the Paul brothers encountered a chucklesome incident.

On the Impaulsive podcast, ‘The Maverick’ said, “I got a Kanye narrative, so for Jake’s birthday, we had probably one of the craziest 24 hours of my life, skydiving on helicopters, snowmobiles, backflips, 50 caliber rifles, with the Diesel brothers and these are like Utah natives, they fix trucks, they do crazy s***.”

“And they got this tank. It’s a tank with big treads on it and it goes through the snow. It’s called the rip saw. Apparently, it was Kanye’s tank.”

Last month, Jake Paul bagged his biggest boxing win against Tyron Woodley. ‘The Problem Child’ finished the former UFC welterweight champ with a slick overhand right to finish the fight on a winning note. Post this win, Jake Paul talked about going on a vacation.

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That said, Paul spent a great deal of time with his close ones and brother, Logan Paul. Consequently, the two men ended up witnessing an unusual incident. Also, their fans are well acquainted with all the unusual activities the Paul brother take up as they keep posting about everything they do.

Jake and Logan Paul – Do they possess a vibrant future in boxing?

Both the brothers are slowly and steadily escalating their fight careers. In fact, Jake Paul has an edge over his brother as he boasts a total of 5 pro-boxing wins.

Regardless of that, Logan Paul is engrossed with his NFT investments and artwork these days. That said, he’ll peak with his boxing run when the time is right.

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Therefore, the Paul brothers have everything in their favor to enjoy a vibrant boxing future. It’ll be exciting to see what 2022 holds in the bag for the Paul duo.

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