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Former Bulls Teammate Claims Michael Jordan Never Reached Full Potential as “He Didn’t Sleep for 14 Years”

Have you ever wondered if Michael Jordan even reached his full potential during his career? Whether or not you did, former Bulls teammate BJ Armstrong believes he did not. In fact, he reasoned out Michael’s lack of sleep as the core cause of the 14-time All-Star not reaching his ultimate level.

What if we told you that MJ did not manage to sleep through his stint that lasted for a decade and a half? If you don’t trust our words, you will be shocked at what you hear from a 3-time NBA winner.


With a mammoth 6 titles to his name during his illustrious career, Michael Jordan has given so much to the Chicago Bulls team. Along with the likes of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, he tore the league apart altogether.

However, it took multiple days of hard work, sleepless nights, and so much more. Nonetheless, it brought him to the top of the NBA, where he still sits untouched in the eyes of many. Speaking of sleepless nights, it can be taken in a quite literal sense.

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Former teammate reveals that Michael Jordan didn’t sleep for 14 years

In a recent interview, ex-NBA star BJ Armstrong spoke about the memories from his time in the league. A Chicago Bulls player from 1989-1995, the now 54-year-old won three championships.

Perhaps something that will also stay with him forever, is the fact that he got to play alongside ‘His Airness’ himself. During the same interview on The Rex Chapman Show, Armstrong made quite a few peculiar revelations.

In one particular segment, BJ was asked about his welcome to Michael moment. Following a short speech on not expecting Jordan to reach the heights he did, he shared a keen memory. “I remember we would practice, we would play, and this guy was playing 35-40 minutes,” said the 1994 Bulls All-Star.

“And I was just amazed at his ability to practice, I mean to play, and then come back and practice, and play with the same energy that he did in the game.” Rex, who clarified that all of this was probably on little sleep, was then surprised at Armstrong’s response. “We didn’t see the best of Michael Jordan because he didn’t sleep for what 14 years,” he said.

Day in and day out, the icon that is Michael Jordan continues to blow our minds. His time on court may be up; however, the lessons he has left behind will most definitely last for several generations to come.

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