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Kobe Bryant Once Offered Struggling Ted Talk Speaker Potentially Life Saving Advice

Kobe Bryant and his legacy in the sporting world are unmatched. Although there might be players who have more accolades than the Mamba, his influence on the game puts him in another league.

Moreover, his work ethic and attitude established him as one of the greatest there is. Bryant was known for being mentally strong and focused which helped him in his career. 

For instance, his advice to a volleyball star changed her life forever. In case you are looking for context, Bryant gave volleyball star Victoria Garrick some vital advice which helped in her struggles with mental health.

Volleyball star mesmerized by Kobe Bryant and his advice

There is undeniable proof that Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players ever. Apart from the 5 NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers, he has a trophy cabinet that is as legendary as the man himself.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant reacts after scoring in Game 2 of the western conference finals. (Photo by Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Moreover, he was a walking example of what having a good work ethic can get you. His insights on fighting mental health and overcoming depression helped millions around the world.

This is evident in the case of Victoria Garrick. The former USC volleyball star battled mental health problems and her success story made headlines all around the world.

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When she got an opportunity to ask a question to Kobe Bryant, she decided to touch on the topic of mental health problems among athletes.

Victoria said, “I was given the opportunity to ask him [Kobe Bryant] any question, and I chose to ask about mental health. Why is it important that elite athletes join in on this universal conversation?” Kobe replied, “I think it is important for athletes to own what it is that they are going through. It’s awareness.

Kobe elaborated upon how battling mental health issues is not good or bad, rather it is being aware that matters the most. Victoria’s response after meeting Kobe summed up how his speech helped her. She said, “I was so blown away by his response.

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This is just one of the instances when he has mesmerized the world with his thoughts regarding issues like this. His ‘Mamba Mentality’ helped young athletes and people all around the world develop a better work ethic and mentality.

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