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Chug Master David Bakhtiari Unleashes the Beast Again During Milwaukee Bucks’ NBA Playoff Game 6 Against Boston Celtics



The Boston Celtics faced the Milwaukee Bucks last night in Milwaukee. It was the 6th game of their ongoing series in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari was among the crowd during the game. Since the game was played in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an appearance of a Green Bay Packers player was customary.

He and Aaron Rodgers, both have been among the familiar faces during the Bucks’ games throughout the years. However, Bakhtiari is quite famous for one thing that he has done quite often while watching an NBA game.

Bakhtiari has been famous for chugging down of beers in quick fashion. Bakhtiari drew a pleasant reaction from the crowd, being the crowd pleaser he is.

David Bakhtiari just deleted that beer

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) May 14, 2022



However, him getting the crowd hyped up was not enough for the Bucks to win the game. The Boston Celtics, led by Jayson Tatum got a huge win over the Bucks in Game 6 to force a game 7 decider back in Boston. Giannis and the Bucks were left disappointed at home after coming away with a huge win in game 5 at Boston.

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David Bakhtiari and all the people living in Milwaukee would hope for the Bucks to win game 7. If the Bucks are able to progress to the next round, we may see more Packers players attending the games.

David Bakhtiari and Aaron Rodgers had a beer chug contest back in 2019

Aaron Rodgers and David Bakhtiari are very good friends both on and off the field. The duo shares a great bond, as Bakhtiari does his best every time to protect Aaron from the opposition’s defense during the games.

Both he and Aaron have been seen attending the Milwaukee Bucks games together often. During a game between the Raptors and the Bucks, in the ECF, Aaron and Bakhtiari had a beer chugging contest. Unsurprisingly, David got the better of his quarterback.

We may see furthermore appearances by Rodgers and Bakhtiari during Bucks games in the future. We are likely to see further videos like these from both of the Packers starlets, especially if the Bucks power through the Celtics at Game 7.


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