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I’m a fashion expert, three tips for making yourself look instantly slimmer including pointed-toe shoes



A FASHION expert has revealed some simple and easy tricks to making yourself look slimmer.

According to the TikTok account @anaskid – a Canadian fashion blogger called Anastacia – there are three strict rules that you can follow that will instantly change the way you look. 

A fashion expert has shared ways to make yourself instantly slimmer@anaskid/Tiktok

Outlining them in a short but helpful video, Anastacia compared and contrasted two different looks – one showing some fashion sins, and the other how it should be done.

The first is to streamline your outfit by opting for monochrome. As Anstacia showed, The block-colour look stands out for all of the right reasons, whereas the striped top paired with black trousers does little to accentuate the waist.

Secondly, the fashion fan said you have to think about your entire wardrobe – even down to the shoes you’re wearing.


Instead of choosing strappy sandals with a round toe, Anastacia revealed pointed-toe shoes create a different aesthetic that makes you appear slimmer. 

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Last, but by no means least, Anastacia demonstrated how just one simple change to your outfit can make a world of difference.

Despite wearing exactly the same ensembles in both images – black trousers and shoes accompanied by a simple blue t-shirt – Anastacia looks like two different people, and it’s all because she tucked her top in. 

Not only does this draw attention to her waist, but it also elongates her legs. 

This is just Anastacia’s latest video for fellow fashion fans, having previously posted other advice clips.



One of her other most recent offerings revealed the top five bottoms that women should have in their wardrobe from season to season. 

In her “essential bottoms” post, the fashionista said white trousers, classic black pants and straight-leg jeans were among her must-haves.

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She also encouraged others to invest in a leather piece, describing it as a “style staple”, plus a black, brown or white skirt depending on their body type.

Ana, who has amassed over 58,000 followers, has also shared tips on elegant plus-size fashion and what to wear in the office.


Even your choice of shoes can make a big difference@anaskid/Tiktok

All aspects of the outfit need to be thought about@anaskid/Tiktok

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