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I’m a petite fashion expert – how short girls can make trousers fit with zero sewing



It’s not easy buying clothes when you’re on the shorter side.

When even mini skirts come down to your ankles and your trousers drag along the floor your outfits might not look as good as they could.

instagramThe hack is quick to do and requires no sewing skills[/caption]

Luckily, this fashion pro revealed how she manages to make her trousers work for her petit frame without having to sew a single stitch.

Megha Seehra often shares clever fashion tricks on her Instagram and her one for short girls is so easy to do.

All you have to do is take your favourite pair of trousers that are too long and turn them inside out.


Then lay them on a flat surface before folding the ends up to the desired length.

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It’s probably easiest to measure the length you need them to be while you’re wearing them and marking it with a safety pin, rather than guessing.


Once you’re happy with the length, the fashion lover says: “all you need is hemming web,” she notes that she got hers from amazon.

Add the hemming web in-between the fold you created, ensuring there are no pesky gaps.

Then iron the section on a high heat for around 20 seconds to allow the fabric to stick together.

“Do this on both sides, then repeat the process on the other leg,” Megha says.

She adds that: “If it’s done properly it stays put after washing or dry cleaning.”


Viewers loved the simple hack: “Definitely yes!

“You don’t know but you just solved so many problems.”

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instagramThe hemming tape secures the fabric without needing to sew[/caption]

The easy hack makes dressing as a petit girl so much easierinstagram

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