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I’m a baby naming whizz and these unusual 1960s names are overdue a comebackClaudia JacksonThe Sun



I’m a baby naming whizz and these unusual 1960s names are overdue a comebackClaudia JacksonThe Sun

NAMING your baby comes with a lot of pressure, it’s likely going to be one of the most important choices you make in the first few weeks of their life.

But most parents don’t want to pick a name that will be too common, but nothing too out there that their child might get bullied.

Baby naming whizz Morgan revealed some of the 1960’s names that could make a comebackTikTok/hellomorgantimm

TikTok/hellomorgantimmSome of low charting girls names from 1968 were surprising[/caption]

Morgan Kline, 26, is a baby naming whizz who often shares retro baby name trends that might make a comeback.

In one recent video she looked at some names from the 1960’s that might be coming back into style with new parents.


She explained that the decade was “a really interesting time for baby names, particularly the late 60’s, because that’s when hippy culture was in full swing.

“We started to see a lot more daring naming trends and unique names popping up on the top thousands list.”

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Morgan looked at the top names from 1968, she said: “Off the bat we see a lot of traditionally masculine names ranking in the top thousand for little girls.”

One of the names was Jeffery, which the naming whizz said is unlikely to make a come back for girls.

However names like Stevie have gained popularity for girls since around 2009, she explained.


Joey is another traditional masculine name that ranked in the 60’s but could make a come back for girls, notably, Aussie actress Joey King brought the name back for girls.


The 60’s also saw more feminine names for boys in the top lists, although Morgan says that there are less example of this.

Tammy as a boys name made an appearance and could very well make a come back in the next could of years, she predicts.

Some of the more groovy names that could make a comeback include Starla, which only ranked at 858 in 1968, but could rise on modern popularity lists.

Cherry, Venus and Windy and appeared in the same decade, while it’s unlikely that Windy will make a come back, Cherry and Venus have already made appearances on name lists in recent years.


Viewers of the video loved the retro names: “I love Joey and Stevie for girls,” one said.

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Another commented: “I went to school with males names Tracey, Kelly, Jamie and Tracey!”

A third quipped: “Why haven’t we seen more Grandma Paul’s and Grandad Laura’s?!”

TikTok/hellomorgantimmLaura charted for boys, and Steven for girls in 1968[/caption]The Sun

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