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I’m an etiquette guru – these are the 10 ‘rich people things’ that make you look tacky & how to look classyBecky PembertonThe Sun



I’m an etiquette guru – these are the 10 ‘rich people things’ that make you look tacky & how to look classyBecky PembertonThe Sun

WANT to look expensive? You may actually be looking “tacky” by buying these “stereotypical rich things”, according to an etiquette expert.

Elegance coach Anna Bey uploaded a video explaining ten items you should think twice about wearing together.

Refer to CaptionElegance coach Anna Bey has revealed the ‘rich person’ items to avoid overdoing if you want to look expensive[/caption]

YouTube/Anna BeyAnna said wearing bling watches with the Cartier love bracelets – along with many other designer items – can make you look overdone[/caption]

She said: “I am not claiming you should not wear any of these items.

“There is nothing wrong with the items I am about to present to you, but please be mindful how many of them you wear at the same time.”


Anna advised if you wear too many at the same time you appear like a “stereotype” and it looks like you “lack style.”

So what do you need to be careful of?

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Bling luxury watches

Anna said: “Anything that’s overall too sparkly, too many diamonds, too much bling, is considered quite showy.

“Unfortunately this has become a stereotype of a rich person.”

Designer T-shirts

Anna said she should beware items that have the designer label on the front, like T-shirts.


She said: “Garments like this have become a stereotype of the rich person.”


Cartier love bracelet

Anna said: “What was once a romantic gift your partner would have given to show your eternal love for you unfortunately now has become a rich person’s status symbol.

“This item has been overly-used and not in the way it was once created for.”

Anna said she will still wear hers as it has special meaning, and added: “You can still wear the items presented to you, you of course need to be cautious about how you wear it.”

Designer handbags

Anna said that you should avoid bags that have very obvious designer logos.


She said: “I’m not against wearing designer handbags.

“It is about where you have the monochrome logo all over it or the brand name very visible or the logo very visible.

“And I just think in situations where you are wearing a bag like that, it may be a little bit too much to wear this together with five other very stereotypical items.”

Balmain blazer

Anna said that when the Balmain blazer first came out it was “hip and trendy”.

She said it is not a little bit outdated and too stereotypical.

Loro Piana open walk shoes

She said: “They have been so incredibly popular with the rich and with the affluent in the last five years or so.


“So for this reason because they are so overused, they became a stereotypical rich person item as they were over consumed by the rich.”

Fur coats and fur gilets

Anna said: “They are very much associated with the cartoon image of the rich person.”

She said they now look a bit “over-the-top”. 

She would advise you ditch them altogether, particularly as they aren’t ethical.

Monochrome scarf

Anna said you should be careful wearing scarves made by designers like Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

She said: “When there are too many logos on a person, that does not look good as it looks like you are walking billboard for logos.”


Designer belts

Anna said that some designer belts that show off a logo should be avoided – unless everything is toned down.

Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery

Although this range is very popular, the elegance coach said it has been “overly-used”.

However she added: “It is up to you how you want to wear it and combine it with other things.

“Sometimes you can make something work, it all depends on its styling.

“You can wear whatever you want on this list and wear it with pride.

“Sometimes it just becomes too much, focus on developing your own style instead of relying on designer items to give you style.”


Anna said her theories have also helped her land a banker boyfriend, and she shares her glamorous lifestyle with her 32,000 Instagram followers.

Originally from Sweden, Anna left home at 19 and travelled to Italy, where she was introduced to an affluent lifestyle by a “typical rich kid”.

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She said: “I started as a plain Jane with no clue how to look my best. It took me many years of trial and error to figure everything out.

“My beauty transformation didn’t happen overnight. It was costly and overwhelming, especially not knowing where to start.

“I know transformation, in general, can be something daunting. We have to take a close look at our imperfections, admit to ourselves that we’re not where we want to be, and then take action to do something about it.”


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Anna explained why she felt the need to change the way she looked in order to get a man with a big bank account.

She said: “In our culture, good looks pay off, and it’s going to help you dramatically if you want to be successful in high-society.”

YouTube/Anna BeyCartier love bracelets are ok as long as you don’t have too many designer items on[/caption]

YouTube/Anna BeyAnna said you should steer clear of fur coats and gilets[/caption]

YouTube/Anna BeyThe elegance coach also warned against designer items like T-shirts that show off logos[/caption]


YouTube/Anna BeyAnna said subtle designer bags are ok, but be careful how many items you use[/caption]The Sun

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