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I’m forced to use wheelie bins to save parking space outside my house after my road is blocked by mums on school runAlice FullerThe Sun



I’m forced to use wheelie bins to save parking space outside my house after my road is blocked by mums on school runAlice FullerThe Sun

AN author has resorted to using wheelie bins to save a parking space outside her house.

Helen Barrell claims her road in Sandwell, West Midlands, is constantly clogged up by parents on the school run, leaving her nowhere to pull up.

BPMHelen Barrell has resorted to using wheelie bins to reserve a parking space outside her house[/caption]

BPMThe 43-year-old described parking on her street in Sandwell, West Mids, as a ‘nightmare’[/caption]

The 43-year-old said the nearby primary has no parking facilities meaning mums, dads and teachers block her street instead.

Helen, who has lived in her home for 12 years, said things have become so bad she has reserved a spot outside with her bins.


She told BirminghamLive: “The road I live in is right by a primary school which doesn’t have any parking for staff, so they all park on my road and other roads nearby.

“And at school dropping-off and picking-up time, parents all try to park in the road too.



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“It’s a nightmare for residents as there’s just nowhere to park.”

She said she first tried the wheelie bin method when she was having a window replaced.

“I couldn’t leave the contractors to carry it all the way up the road otherwise it risked being broken,” Helen said.


“And they needed access to their tools while working.


“It’s just something that we all have to do occasionally.”

Author and librarian Helen, who lives with her partner and cat, has also complained about “speeding” drivers who career down her street so fast she fears for her life.

She is now urgently asking the council to implement a 20mph speed limit and one-way system in the area.

“It seems crazy to me that a street so near a school isn’t 20mph already, but it looks as if, because no one’s been mown down and killed yet, it’s not a priority,” she said.


“It seems dreadful to me that we have to wait until someone dies before anything is done.”

A Sandwell Council spokesperson said: “In recent years, Sandwell Council’s highways team has worked hard to improve safety across the borough and investigate and implement road safety measures.

“All one-way requests in the borough are always investigated in detail, as they can have both benefits and disadvantages.

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“The area around Gladys Road and Ethel Street is already being considered for a 20mph zone in the current year’s programmes of road safety works.

“Sandwell Council is listening to local communities and will be providing additional funds to consider a wider range of community requests for road safety measures this year.”


BPMThe road reportedly gets blocked by parents on the school run[/caption]

BPMHelen, who is also worried about speeding drivers, wants a 20mph limit enforced[/caption]The Sun

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