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“Not Scared of Steph”: NBA Fans Go Rogue as Stephen Curry Reveals Ja Morant’s Teammate Said ‘Crazy Things’ to HimSatagni SikderEssentiallySports

“Not Scared of Steph”: NBA Fans Go Rogue as Stephen Curry Reveals Ja Morant’s Teammate Said ‘Crazy Things’ to HimSatagni SikderEssentiallySports

The Golden State Warriors just showed the door to the Memphis Grizzlies in game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals. The series between the two has been nothing short of a street fight. Both on and off the court.

In fact, Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks is in the limelight once again for certain comments he made about the Warriors, to which Steph Curry didn’t hesitate to respond. NBA fans enjoyed the whole show and provided their own two cents on the matter.

NBA fans react to Stephen Curry’s response to Dillon Brooks’ comments

In the post-game conference on Friday, Dillon Brooks said, in response to a question about their season ending, “They[Warriors] know that we’re gonna come every single year, you know, we’re young and they’re getting old“.

Steph Curry was asked about the comments. “He’s said a lot of crazy things,” Curry said to The Athletic, He called himself a dynasty already, so you’ve got to figure. On to the next round”.

Curry was referring to a press conference in March. Brooks called the Grizzlies an upcoming dynasty after Andre Iguodala left Memphis.

I love it. I don’t care if brooks is wrong. That over the top confidence is a part of what makes him a good player. He’s a dog. He competes and goes hard on both ends and never backs down. I respect it. I love that he’s not scared of steph. Makes for good entertainment to me.

— thirsty mcgirt (@thirsty_mcgirt) May 14, 2022

Meanwhile, NBA fans were pretty amused by the whole situation. One fan pointed out that he likes Brooks’ mindset. His lack of reverence for the Warriors shows his confidence in himself and the team.

He’s not a good player. He shot 31% from the field this series and single handedly lost his team 2 games

— Sactown (@Sactown_3) May 14, 2022

Other fans pointed out that Brooks was not that integral to Memphis’ success. He shot a meagre 31% from the field.

No way you just left bane out really..I mean out of all people in that group, brooks should be the last person to be talking..he had one decent game in this series and lost them game 4 with his atrocious shooting. If JJJ or ja said that, I would be ok

— PTSD PARTY (@DUBNATION107) May 14, 2022

And even without Ja Morant, he is the third-best option in the team after Jaren Jackson Jr. and Desmond Bane. He should be more conservative in his comments, especially against the likes of Steph Curry and the Warriors.

The Warriors vs Grizzlies series was a street fight

The Grizzlies lost Friday night despite a valiant 30-point performance by Dillon Brooks, shooting 11-of-28 from the field and 7-of-15 from the 3-point line. Curry had 29 points.

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The Grizzlies put up a good fight. But the splash brothers started draining clutch shots during crunch time sealing the deal for the 3-time champions.

May 1, 2022; Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Golden State Warriors guards Stephen Curry (30) and Klay Thompson celebrate their 117-116 win against the Memphis Grizzlies during game one of the second round for the 2022 NBA playoffs at FedExForum. Mandatory Credit: Joe Rondone-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis had very little chance from the jump against the championship pedigree of an experienced Warriors side. And that too without their star performer Ja Morant.

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Memphis had the second-best record in the NBA this season. But they still are a very young team and have a lot to learn.

Dillon Brooks has a bright future with the Grizzlies. But he shouldn’t be making off-hand remarks about Steph Curry and the Warriors, who went to the finals for five straight years and won three championships.





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