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Could Daenerys Targaryen actually return for the Jon Snow sequel? Fans share some pretty solid theories that suggest she might-Adam Miller-Entertainment – Metro

Actually, it could happen…

Could Daenerys Targaryen actually return for the Jon Snow sequel? Fans share some pretty solid theories that suggest she might-Adam Miller-Entertainment – Metro

Could Daenerys return for the Jon Snow prequel? (Picture: HBO)

Game of Thrones fans are torn over the potential Jon Snow sequel starring Kit Harington and already have one huge demand – bring back Daenerys Targaryen. 

The final season of the fantasy epic was almost universally panned, in part to the flat, needless and nonsensical demise of Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke), whose uncharacteristic rampage killing thousands of innocent people eventually lead to her death. 

Jon Snow took it upon itself to kill his lover and auntie when it became clear she was out of control. 

Well, it didn’t work for many fans, to put it lightly, and now the overriding reaction to a Jon Snow prequel is: fix the mess that was Daenerys’ death


The fandom has spoken and is demanding the Mother of Dragon’s resurrection and shared some plausible theories that could actually see her return. 

Could Drogon somehow revive Daenerys? (Picture: HBO)

Do not reboot Jon Snow if you’re not gonna redeem Daenerys. Gets?

— kahel (@kapayaaas) June 17, 2022

How is this going to work? My theory…Dragon tears have powerful healing properties and Daenerys is brought back to life by her dragons crying over her lifeless body. She stays in hiding whilst she builds her fleet of dragons?

— Shane Longton (@ShaneLongton) June 17, 2022

Ok but what is a sequel about Jon Snow gonna be about? His adventures beyond the wall with tormund and ghost? I’m sorry unless we see Drogon taking Daenerys to Volantis to get her resurrected by kinvara the red priestress I’m not interested.

— ℝίτα⚡ (@JonxDanyy) June 17, 2022

i wonder if the sequel/jon series will play around with a daenerys resurrection, since they did hint at her being brought to volantis in season 8’s finale

— amelia (@daenerysvisenya) June 17, 2022

Not confirmed or anything but I’m manifesting cuz the show ended with hints of danys resurrection and with the targ prequel, the best thing for that show is bring daenerys back and I honestly think Emilia might do it

— jay | emilia clarke will return (@stormbxrnbaby) June 17, 2022

One fan speculated Dany’s dragon Drogon has ‘powerful healing properties’ in tears that bring her back to life when he sobs over her corpse.

Another common theory suggests Dragon takes Volantis to be resurrected by the Red Priestess.

Ahead of any Jon Snow sequel, however, prequel House of The Dragon is about to come crashing to the summer, following the Targaryen family set 200 years before the events in Game of Thrones, and starring Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke and Paddy Considine. 

While it feels unlikely Clarke will return as Daenerys, she has given the spin-off exploring her character’s family tree her full approval. 

‘Good luck to them is what I would say. I really mean that,’ she the The Hollywood Reporter. 

House of The Dragon will be available to stream on HBO and Sky from August 21.

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