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Glastonbury 2022: Where are the toilets? Map reveals locations-Elizabeth Atkin-Entertainment – Metro

Where to go when you need to GO.

Glastonbury 2022: Where are the toilets? Map reveals locations-Elizabeth Atkin-Entertainment – Metro

Where to go when you need to GO. (Pictures: Glastonbury Festival 2022/Matt Cardy/Getty)

The only thing worse than queueing for drinks at a festival is queueing for the toilet a short while later – especially since Glastonbury’s lines are infamously long.

With more than 200,000 people expected to descend on Worthy Farm over the next few days, it’s safe to assume the bogs will be busy – and therefore it’s wise to know exactly where they are in advance.

If you’re known for breaking the seal after a single swig of booze and being forced to clamber out of the crowd mid-set at a gig, then being toilet-aware is paramount.

Of course, some will have medical or accessibility reasons for needing to be extra-alert to loo locations.

So, where exactly are Glasto’s toilets, then?

Where are the toilets at Glastonbury 2022?

Tracking down the toilet block is your biggest practical concern for Glastonbury 2022?

Then you’ll be pleased to know not one but two maps exist, highlighting where the non-accessible and accessible stalls are located, across the Worthy Farm festival site.

Remember to bring some toilet paper with you (Picture: Matt Cardy/Getty)

Marked with a red dot, the map shows five toilet blocks surround the sides Pyramid Stage, with further toilets scattered around the public campsites, including The Woods, Spring Ground accessible campsite and Row Mead – the latter near the Medical Centre.

Toilets are also available near the Bus & Coach Station, Cineramageddon and around the Other Stage, Silver Hayes, Arcadia and The Park.

In total, there are more than 30 areas around the site where you can pop to the loo. Phew.

This map will help you locate the nearest loo (Picture: Glastonbury Festival)

View the enlarged toilet map here.

On the map highlighting wheelchair-accessible toilets, it seems the majority are located away from the public campsites – with at least one appearing on the way to the Pyramid Stage near Silver Hayes.

There are several nearby The Glade and Other Stage, with many appearing to be available by Block9, Avalon, Circus, Theatre, Left Field and The Park.

There is also an accessible toilet near the entrance by Yellow Gate, near Row Mead and the Medical Centre, and several near the Spring Ground accessible campsite.

This map shows where accessible toilets and viewing platforms are located on the festival site (Picture: Glastonbury Festival)

View the enlarged access map here.

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