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15 Unique Instagram Reels Ideas for Your Business


As a business is important to keep close to your clients where you are, not where you want to see them. With 1 billion monthly active users, many people are likely active on Instagram.

Add that to how video-based content encourages greater engagement, connection, and confidence, and you’ll comprehend why Instagram Reels has become a popular marketing tool for companies.

15 Instagram Ideas to increase engagement

1. Display Your Work Space

One of the top Instagram reels that can allow you to attract more visitors is sharing your workspace. This content could inspire and encourage them to create their businesses and earn money without an enormous workplace.


Therefore, grab your smartphone and record the video of 15 seconds from your office studio. For a professional approach, I recommend focusing on the parts you are most passionate about and putting on some stickers to give it a shine!

2. Meet My Team

Everyone loves to see the person behind the product they purchase! So, stand up and get your team members together around your workplace or studio, then share the video on the Instagram reels.

If you don’t have a team, don’t fret! One of the smaller business trends to consider for Instagram reels to watch is to create a charming short video demonstrating how you handle all parts of your business by yourself. For example, in the reels video below, the owner of Meraki Artistry, Danni, illustrates how she’s the person who is in charge of all the work:

3. Introduce Yourself

Another great Instagram reels strategy can be to present yourself in front of others. Talk about yourself, and tell them about your age and your location. Also, you can discuss your business and inform people about the date you began. This will help you gain new customers, increase your brand’s credibility, and gain confidence. Therefore, make a brief film, tweak it however you want it to appear perfect, and then share it with the world via reels.


4. Present your accomplishments

One of the most basic Reels concepts is among the most effective ideas to showcase your work.

British clothing company Lucy and Yak do this well through Their ongoing hashtag #InMyYaks. The hashtag serves as a basis for Instagram Reels, where they display new products. Lucy and Yak followers have also adopted the hashtag to showcase their clothes.

5. Display your skills

Reels that show the creativity you need to develop the product you sell or provide are an excellent idea.

Jewelry brand Cleopatra’sBling uses Instagram Reels to offer a glimpse into the craftsmanship behind their stunning pieces. The brand even offers a necessary coffee break.


6. Invite participation

The more you engage with your audience, the more you can improve how your Reels will perform. However, you don’t need to just wait for comments to come into your Reels by themselves. Instead, make Reels that inspire interaction.

7. Let’s Create a Product!

One of the Instagram reels that I enjoy includes one of my favorites, the “Making of” videos. I’m certain that your customers and followers appreciate watching you create your orders. Whether it’s a cake or an adorable earring made from clay, record an image of the entire procedure, speed up the video with an editor for video, and share the video with your viewers.

8. Edit, record, and preview each clip

While recording, you’ll see a progression bar that appears high-up on display to ensure you’re staying within the time limit.

When you’re finished recording, click preview on the right-hand side at the bottom of your screen.


Remember that Reels allows you to join clips that can be recorded to create new clips. Or Upload them to your gallery, and then you can upload the images as well.

9. Tell a Story

An effective way to get your viewers to want to watch your reels is to share a story about your business. It could be about a difficult time that you overcame, or when you first started building your brand using Instagram in the first place, and then how you overcame your fears. If you want to be influential, post your story of something memorable that you’ve done. For example, XXL Scrunchie in this video demonstrated how they reused papers to make them usable:

10. Tell it the way it is

Brands that don’t fear an authentic voice will always find a target audience. This is why the Reels format is the perfect place to showcase this.

This blog post written by brand expert Namrata Vaid uses an audio clip that is trending to present an unfiltered view.


11. Utilize filters

Yes, being honest and authentic is a method to get your message across. However, it might not be the best option for your brand. If this is the case, you may want to investigate the world of AR (AR) Instagram filtering.

Integrate AR filters in your Reels toolkit, and you’ll be in a position to make some truly futuristic posts.

12. Sneak teasers and peeks at the future.

Sneak video previews will keep your audience enthralled and curious. A sneak peek or teaser of a new product could be performed by the company itself or through influencers. Well-known brands collaborate with influencers to show their products to advertise them to their followers.

13. D.I.Y Projects

Instagram Reels featuring Do-it-yourself or DIY videos are an excellent method to show your followers how you make a product. If you run a candles business or sell products for arts and crafts, people love seeing the process of making your product.


If you have a talent or talent that others would like to master, creating DIYs with your products could be a great way to build your business.

14. Travel Video

Instagram posts about travel aren’t necessarily about travel tales. They could include suggestions of places to visit or travel tips

A successful marketing strategy for travel Reels can be based around the concept of”#FOMO” or “#fearofmissingout. FOMO Reels on Instagram are very well-liked, and everyone would like to be part of it or see it in person.

FOMO Reels feature exotic destinations for travel, street food, and any other related feature.


15. Create your Reel

After you’ve finished recording and editing your videos, click the “Share to” button to the lower right (as illustrated above), and you’ll be presented with your publishing page. You can select an image cover, write captions, include hashtags, and finally, upload your Reels.


In simple terms, Instagram reels assist you in increasing your Instagram following more than stories and posts. This is because those who do not follow you are also viewing your reels. If you frequently post on reels, you will gain more followers and, consequently, customers. Therefore, take a look at this article to learn more information about 25 amazing Instagram reel ideas you can use for your next reel video.