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The 9 Most Important Social Media Trends for 2022

Social Media

People spend the majority of their day using social media wouldn’t be an overstatement. This is not the case today.

It has been a fundamental element of our lives and routines. A few are addicted to the point that their first task upon getting up is to browse their social media feeds.

With the growing importance of social media’s role in the consumer’s life, marketers and companies flock to social media platforms to connect with their customers. But, content is abundant on social media, and competition is competitive.

Tendencies to Watch in 2022

1. Pinterest is live

Pinterest has been the preferred platform for DIYers and chefs, artists or crafters, and anyone with the option of a mood board to publish. It’s clear why it’s so well-liked, particularly for small-sized businesses and unique products.


It seems that Pinterest is set to get more effective, and in the next year, we’re expected to see new videos and live streams in which you can view complete tutorials.

Additionally, with videos and live streams, Pinterest also announced the introduction of in-app purchases that allow users to purchase items without worrying about redirects or slow loading times.

2. Businesses operating in the B2B sector will invest more in Instagram and Twitter

Twitter and Instagram aren’t the only ones new to social media. However, many marketers are still experiencing an increase in ROI on both.

For example, Twitter reached more than 200 million monetizable daily regular users in the third quarter of 2020, an increase of 29 percent YoY.

3. Smaller networks will be popular for advertising

TikTok isn’t just the one “smaller” (if it wants to still refer to it like that) platform that’s drawing the attention of consumers and companies. Pinterest, along with Snapchat, is also growing in popularity.

According to the data from Pinterest Business, ads on their platform could yield double the ROI on advertising spending for retailers compared with other social media platforms. Although Snapchat isn’t as popular in marketing as Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat advertising stats indicate that the potential advertiser base on Snapchat has grown significantly.

4. Social Commerce Will Continue to Expand

Brands have long employed social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to market their merchandise. In 2022, however, it will be possible to purchase items directly through social media will be a standard. There will be no more days when companies with a unique approach only use it. EMarketer anticipates that the market for social commerce will reach around $80 billion by 2025.

Instagram Phone

From shoppable content from Instagram Shoppable Posts to Instagram Storefronts, these social networks continue to evolve into retailers. Marketing and branding professionals will continue to use these platforms and integrate social commerce into their sales strategies by 2022.

5. Businesses will be investing in more short- and long-form media and live chat rooms with audio

It’s not surprising that video has become increasingly popular on social media, especially because of the popularity of platforms focused on video like TikTok.

The HubSpot Blog discovered that 64percent of marketing professionals plan to use more short-form videos in 2022. Snappable media has proved to be effective, and these videos of short form will be short and engaging pieces of content that will be shared across all social media channels.

6. The consumer will want snack-worthy content

In 2020, we witnessed the growth of TikTok and Instagram Reels. We also saw a steady stream of participation in Stories on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and brands launching various short (or “snackable” types of media that inform consumers about their brands.

As social media are reducing their attention spans while more users browse through their feeds for hours on end while in their homes, do not be expecting snacks to disappear shortly.


To find out more about the four kinds of snacks your company should use in the coming year, look at this article.

7. Snapchat scanning

Scanning with Snapchat Snapchat is an amazing feature. It is possible to scan anything, from the music that plays in your home to a dog’s breed. It is clear where this will go in the middle of this range. There’s a chance of scanning items.

The concept behind it is that users can look up a product on the app and find the places where they can purchase it, as well as special deals or other offers. At present, Snapchat is cooperating only with a handful of businesses; however, we can expect this number to increase within the coming months.

8. Create new virtual avatars

Virtual avatars, which you’ve probably seen on gaming or Snapchat, can be digital or animated representations of yourself that you put on your profile rather than an image. There are plenty of reasons to choose to use an avatar over an image, including privacy, to the fact that they’re great.


9. Social Audio will Become More Becoming More

In the years since Clubhouse was first introduced in the year 2020, it’s grown in popularity. Then, in June of 2021, Facebook did the same by the official launch of their Live Audio Rooms as well as podcasts throughout the United States.

Brands are paying attention. Over 74% of businesses said on Hootsuite’s 2020 Social Media Trends survey that they plan to invest in audio-only videos in the coming year. The survey also revealed that hosting an audio-only live stream as a thought-leadership tool was the most popular method.

As of now, this trend hasn’t yet attracted the attention of smaller companies, especially given that it’s not a cost-effective method of marketing content. Although it’s only an audio file, there’s plenty of time and effort to be gained from creating audio-based content.


The environment around us is continuously changing. Although we believe we have a handle on what’s to come from social media, This list of trends may not be a comprehensive list of what’s to come in 2022.

If you’re a social media marketer, the most effective option is to continue studying trends, consumer behaviors online, and your company’s social media information to figure out the most effective strategies or trends to take advantage of or handle the most complex online situations.

The best place to begin researching this is HubSpot and Talkwalker’s latest Social Media Trends Survey.