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6 of the Best Tools to Find and Interview Remote Candidates


Remote work has become almost the preferred way of working in the last few years. With this in mind, many employers hire more and more remote workers. These workers are not bound by a state or a time zone, and this greatly affects the hiring process. To successfully conduct the hiring process, employers opt to use the best tools and software designed for remote hiring. Having the right tools and software can make or break the interviewing process.

Video and audio conferencing tools are a crucial part of the hiring process. Using a tool with crisp and seamless video and audio is very beneficial in making your company very professional as well as creating a deeper connection with the candidate. There are many tools in this area, and each of them offers something unique.

Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio is an audio recording solution for conducting remote interviews and producing content quickly. With this tool, preparing and recording interviews asynchronously is very simple and easy. You have the option to build an interview landing page with questions and the possibility to collect responses in multiple formats, without having any coding knowledge.

The generated interview link allows your guests to answer questions by recording or uploading audio or by submitting text, images, and videos. There is also an option to interview individuals or multiple guests at once, as well as collaborate on interviews with other team members and review your work with stakeholders.

Also, your guests can automatically record unlimited audio clips making every submission very easy to review later. Licenses start at $59 for a one-time purchase, up to $299 for the Tier 3 license.


Podcastle is a powerful tool for studio-quality recording, editing, and seamless exporting. It is easy to use and free. Each interview can be recorded in studio quality with local recordings of each track, audio files, and live speech can be converted into text quickly, voice skins can turn any text into a variety of lifelike human voices, and AI-powered echo and noise cancellation make the audio sound flawless. The free version of Podcastle does not require any credit card information, and the premium plans start at $11.99/month to $23.99/month, billed yearly.


Riverside markets itself as the easiest way to record videos in studio quality from anywhere, all from your browser. It offers video quality up to 4K for local recordings with uncompressed crystal-clear audio. Audio and video tracks are separated for every participant providing more control in post-production. The Magic Editor saves hours of editing time with its intuitive interface. It also comes with iOS and Android apps that provide access to the platform at any time, anywhere. Aside from the free version, premium plans start at $15/month.


VideoAsk is a great tool to interact face-to-face with the audience and build stronger business relationships. Main features include the embeddable widget, response inbox, custom flows, calendar integrations, audio transcription, conversions tracking, website embedding, and workflow integration. The Start plan is free with limited functionality, and premium plans with additional features start at $24/month up to $40/month.

Technical assessment platforms are also a great tool that helps you conduct technical interviews with your candidates. Many tools offer the option to provide candidates with a task link, watch them in real-time on your screen, etc.


eSkill is a great platform that you can use during the candidate selection process. It offers tests and behavioral assessments for determining important traits like cognitive strengths, risk factors, and behavioral tendencies. Users are offered a test library with multiple subject areas already included. Additionally, you can upload your own test or design it in the app by choosing your favorite questions.


CoderPad is a technical assessment platform oriented toward engineers. It offers the possibility to watch them code in real-time. With support for over 20 programming languages such as C, C++, Swift, Java, etc., it will cover the most demanding interviews. The interviews can be recorded and saved for you to play them back later and watch each keystroke. You can also send independent coding projects to your candidates to dive deeper into their skill areas. The live coding interviews offer the possibility to execute and debug code together.

Remote interviewing is relatively new and a little bit different than the traditional way of interviewing. With that in mind, some additional skills are needed. However, identifying and using the right software that best fits your business, can make the whole process much easier. This is important for your time and efficiency, as well as your professionalism. So, keep this list in mind and look at these options for your interviewing process. Our best recommendation among these options is Rumble Studio because of its advanced features and simple user interface.

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