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Living With Hair Loss: What Are The Common Causes And What Treatments Are Available

Hair loss, or alopecia as it is medically known, can affect any type of person at any stage in their life. Oftentimes, hair loss is a result of ageing, and most men will begin to experience some hair loss by the time they reach their late thirties. Male-pattern baldness is one of the most common forms of hair loss, and it is estimated that around two-thirds of men will be affected by hair loss in their lifetime. When it comes to male-pattern baldness, there isn’t really a cure, as the loss of hair is simply a result of getting older.

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Although hair loss is far more common among men, alopecia can affect anyone at any age, so it is important to know what the common causes are and what treatments are available. In this article, we will go over some of the causes of alopecia and explore each of them in detail. Then, we will go over some of the treatments available. If you are experiencing hair loss, or you simply just want to learn more about it, then this article is for you. Keep on reading to find out more.



One common cause of alopecia is stress. When we experience a lot of stress in our life, it can have a serious impact on both our physical and mental health. Essentially, when we experience stress, our hair follicles are forced into a resting phase, which can mean they stop producing new strands of hair. If this continues to happen, you may start to notice that your hair begins to fall out, often in small patches.

Weight Loss

If you are not fuelling your body with the right sort of nutrients, it can lead to parts of your body not being able to function properly. One aspect that can be easily affected by lack of nutrition is your hair. Not only will it make your hair weaker, but it can eventually lead to actual hair loss. It is important that you are giving your body the right nutrients it needs to thrive.


Hair loss can be genetic, so if you have a long line of male-pattern baldness in your family, then it is very likely that you will experience hair loss too. It will most likely happen at the same age too, so if your dad started losing their hair in their twenties, there is a high possibility that you will go through the same thing.

Iron Deficiency

As mentioned previously, if your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, then you may suffer hair loss as a result. An example of this is iron deficiency. When you do not get enough iron in your diet, your body is unable to produce haemoglobin in your blood. This, in turn, can facilitate hair loss as the cells that produce hair growth are not receiving enough oxygen from the haemoglobin.

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Treatment For Cancer

Cancer is, unfortunately, a very common disease, so it is likely that you know someone who has had to go through cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is a powerful treatment for cancer that attacks the growing cancer cells. While the treatment can be very effective for irradicating cancer, one of the biggest side effects is hair loss. When chemotherapy attacks the cancer cells, it also attacks the cells in the roots of your hair, causing your hair to fall out.



If you are a man who is suffering from hair loss, then one treatment that can be beneficial is finasteride. Finasteride by Oxford Online Pharmacy is an oral tablet that decreases the production of DHT in the body. An increased amount of DHT hormone in the body can interfere with the hair’s growth cycle, which makes it easy for hair to fall out. When you take finasteride, that DHT hormone production is decreased, meaning your hair has a better chance of growing back.


Finasteride is an effective hair loss treatment for men, but it should not be used for women. Minoxidil is an alternative treatment that women can use to treat their hair loss. The treatment works by stimulating the hair follicles and encouraging them to grow. It can also increase the length of time that hair spends growing, meaning your hair can grow back stronger.

Emotional Support To Deal With Stress

If the cause for your hair loss is stress, then the best treatment for you to get is emotional support. Stress can wreak havoc on both our physical and mental health and a great way to overcome this stress is to seek help from a therapist. Additionally, it would be a good idea to try and get to the route of your stress, as this will help you manage it better in the future. So, whenever you feel stressed, make a note of it, and slowly you can start to track your stress levels and find out the root of the issue.

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if you have lost a lot of hair on your hair and it has become noticeable, then you might be wanting to invest in some wigs. While wigs can seem like an expensive purchase to begin with, they are definitely a worthy investment as they can help to build your confidence back up and live your life as you used to. The great thing about wigs is that they come in so many different styles, so you can switch up your look each day.

Steroid Treatment

Steroid treatments such as creams and local injections are other treatments that can help with hair loss. One reason why you may suffer from alopecia is that your body is attacking your hair follicles. Steroid treatments work by reducing inflammation and essentially suppressing the immune system, meaning your hair follicles are no longer under attack. This can help to stimulate new hair growth and it can make your hair grow back fuller and longer.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are a relatively new treatment, but they are definitely one of the most effective treatments for hair loss. During a hair transplant, a small strip of hair is removed from the back of your head and then divided into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then grafted onto the front of your head, which will eventually grow into your new hairline. Hair transplants are expensive and there is definitely a lot to consider before you get one, but they are a very effective treatment, and the results can be permanent.

Other Alternatives

When people suffer from alopecia, often they can lose their eyebrows or their eyelashes, as well as the hair on their head. When this happens, you have a few different options that can help you. Tattooing is a good option if you have lost hair on your face like your eyebrows as the tattooing is permanent, so you do not have to worry about the loss of hair. If you have lost your eyelashes, then a simple solution is to invest in some natural-looking false eyelashes. Ultimately, it is important for you to find ways to make you feel happy and comfortable with yourself, so take the time to research treatments, before you invest your time and money in them.