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Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify

dropshipping from amazon to shopify

Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify is a business model in which you sell products on your Shopify store that you do not actually own or stock. Instead, you partner with a wholesale supplier or manufacturer and list their products for sale in your store. When an order is placed in your store, you purchase the product from the supplier at a wholesale price and have it shipped directly to your customer. This means that you do not have to worry about handling the inventory of fulfillment, as the supplier takes care of these tasks for you. There are several steps involved in setting up a dropshipping business from Amazon to Shopify.


1. Choose a Niche

Select a product category or niche that you want to focus on, such as electronics or home decor. The product categories available on Amazon are broad, which is good for someone who wants to try a dropshipping business from Amazon to Shopify. Since Amazon has such a large selection of products to choose from, it is not hard to narrow down a product category to focus on. You can easily find several books or articles that can help you identify a good niche to start with.

Selected products

2. Decide on Your Pricing Strategy

There are two main options for pricing on dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify. You can either list the product at a wholesale price and sell it at a higher cost for your customer, or you can have the supplier do the pricing for you. Each pricing option has advantages and disadvantages. For example, with a wholesaler, you have to pay a premium to purchase a product from them. However, this cost is usually offset by the markup that they charge you, which allows you to sell the product at a lower cost to your customer. With this option, your customers are also able to make significant savings on shipping and handling, as they don’t have to pay for their products to be shipped from another location.


3. Research Suppliers

Look for suppliers or manufactures on Amazon or other websites that offer the products you want to sell. Use Google to research suppliers that offer products you are interested in. You can also create an Amazon wish list of products you are interested in and create a campaign to collect emails from customers who are interested in ordering those products.


4. Contact Suppliers

Reach out to the suppliers you are interested in working with to inquire about their wholesale prices and minimum order quantities. In some cases, you may need to do more research on the supplier before making a deal. In other cases, the supplier may be able to provide wholesale pricing or minimum order quantity that is better than what you can do yourself. Once you have an agreement with a supplier, contact them with your inventory, order forms, and promotional material. When you get in touch with a supplier, make sure to set up a phone call so that you can speak directly with the supplier and clarify any questions that they may have. This will help to save you time and energy.


5. List Your Products on Amazon

Once you have an agreement with a supplier, you should list your products on Amazon for sale. If you are selling electronics, you can list the products in categories such as home automation, audio, and photography. You can also provide product descriptions for each category and describe the benefits and features of the products. In most cases, Amazon will allow you to set up product descriptions, photos, and customer reviews as part of your listing.

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In The End

It is important to note that dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify can be competitive, as there are many other sellers doing the same thing. To be successful, you will need to offer competitive prices and excellent customer service and differentiate your store from the competition.