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Netflix viewers can’t get over this ridiculous scene in Christmas movie-Emily Bashforth-Entertainment – Metro

The resurfaced clip has gone viral and it’s brilliant.

Netflix viewers can’t get over this ridiculous scene in Christmas movie-Emily Bashforth-Entertainment – Metro

Netflix viewers are obsessed with this one scene in a Christmas movie (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix viewers are losing their minds over one scene in particular in a Christmas film.

A resurfaced clip from Christmas Inheritance has gone viral on social media, with viewers in stitches over one rather ridiculous moment.

Starring Andie MacDowell and Jake Lacy, the festive flick follows an ambitious heiress named Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor) who, before she can inherit her father’s business, is challenged to deliver a Christmas letter in person to his ex-partner in their hometown.

Travelling by bus, incognito, and with only $100, she ends up stranded at the Snow Falls Inn thanks to a snowstorm, where she discovers the true gift of Christmas.

It all sounds very lovely and wholesome, but viewers reckon the best bit is when Eliza’s character is left alone with the inn’s manager Jake Collins one night.

Ellen walks in on Jake doing some sketching, realising at that point that he’s an artist.

Well, a ‘doodler’, as he describes himself.

Rummaging through his office, Ellen pokes fun at some of the possessions he’s acquired to raise money at a charity dinner, joking that a plastic toy could raise ‘a couple of million’.

One item that she’s genuinely taken aback by, though, is a sketch in his notebook of Santa Claus on a snowy roof with his presents sack in hand.

‘This could actually fetch a price,’ she says sincerely.

‘That’s adorable. Did you do this?’, she quizzes.

‘Yeah, that’s just a sketch,’ Jake replies nervously, grabbing the drawing and shoving it into his pocket.

Ellen proceeds to tell Jake he ‘should do something with these’ because he is ‘very talented’.

Christmas Inheritance was released in 2017 and stars Andie MacDowell and Jake Lacy (Picture: Netflix)

Eliza Taylor plays ambitious heiress Ellen Langford (Picture: Netflix)

Reading that, it sounds like a very romantic, complimentary exchange… but once you see the sketch Ellen is heaping praise on, you’ll understand why viewers burst out laughing.

It’s… interesting, to say the least, with social media users hilariously hailing the moment as ‘the single greatest Christmas movie scene of all time’.

‘Every year I watch A Christmas Inheritance on Netflix and every year I lose it at this bit,’ one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter, alongside the video clip.

‘I have the picture saved on my phone. My family and I rewind this scene at least five times on every rewatch. I don’t understand how it is so terrible and so wonderful???’, one person replied.

‘It is such a big part of my Christmas. I actually think there are a lot of unintentionally funny moments in this criminally underrated classic!!’, another penned.

‘They couldn’t find anyone on the entire set who could draw better than that? Was buying a sketch from literally any artist not an option?’, another mocked.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?Comment Now

Honestly, what’s better than a Christmas film so terrible it turns out to be brilliant?

As for the rest of the movie, spoiler alert, but, as you could probably predict, Ellen and Jake grow close in all the cliché ways.

Jake explains to her that he lived in New York and was engaged to a stockbroker who then left him for a client, after which he returned to Snow Falls.

Silent Night was playing when she broke up with him, and Jake is still triggered by the song.

Ellen then opens up about how she became shallow and self-centred as a teenager following the death of her mother, developing a rather hedonistic approach to life.

They, of course, almost share some kisses, with Jake feeling like he can trust Ellen in a first for him after his heartbreak.

Ellen and Jake develop feelings for one another in all the classic Christmas movie ways (Picture: Netflix)

Fast forward a bit and Ellen’s true heiress identity is revealed, causing Jake to feel betrayed.

She scolds those who exposed her, insisting that travelling incognito was necessary for her to learn from the people of Snow Falls.

Luckily for Ellen, she has an opportunity to apologise to Jake and explains how he and the people of the town have given her a new perspective on life.

It also turns out that the ‘letter’ her father instructed her to hand deliver was also an explanation of her secret mission, revealing that she would now become the CEO after succeeding.

The movie ends with some true Christmas magic, as Silent Night plays at the Christmas Eve celebration and, no longer triggered by the tune, Jake asks Ellen to dance.

Watch Christmas Inheritance on Netflix.

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