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Mrs Brown’s Boys accused of ‘reusing 50-year-old jokes’ in New Year’s special-Stella Akinwumi-Entertainment – Metro

‘Put some effort in.’

Mrs Brown’s Boys accused of ‘reusing 50-year-old jokes’ in New Year’s special-Stella Akinwumi-Entertainment – Metro

Mrs Brown’s Boys fans all said the same thing about tonight’s episode (Picture: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

The latest episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys had viewers in disbelief after they accused the show of ‘reusing old jokes.’

Each year the BBC sitcom divides fans with a Christmas and New Year special, but those that tuned in on New Year’s Day were a little disappointed after Eilish O’Carroll’s character Winnie referenced an ‘ancient’ joke.

In the episode, she said: ‘You can forget about getting my garden done, because my garden’s being done as we speak.’

Agnes, played by Brendan O’Carroll, asked: ‘By the council?’

To which Winnie replied: ‘No, believe it or not by the Gardaí (Irish police). They said they were looking for some stuff.’

Fans quickly took to social media to slam the gag with @JGMooreWriter writing: ‘God, that “buried it in the garden” joke is ancient. Put some effort in, Brendan.’

Viewers weren’t impressed with the jokes on the new episode (Picture: BBC)

The famous joke goes that an elderly man writes to his son in prison and says he’s too weak to dig up the garden to plant vegetables, and his son replies in a letter telling him not to dig it up as it’s where he buried the bodies.

The police then show up and dig up the garden lookign for the bodies, and the elderly man is able to plant his vegetables.

@LinghamColin added: ‘Who at the bbc commissioned this show? Whoever’s to blame needs to be sacked. Each episode is the same and the jokes are ALL 50 years old at least and the delivery terrible.’

@Ads900 weighed in: ‘B******izing old jokes as part of their plot.’

This comes after 68-year-old Brendan, who serves as creator and titular character, spilled the beans on the future of the comedy.

In a new chat, he declared: ‘As long as the BBC keep asking, we’ll keep making episodes.

Brendan O’Carroll said he wants to keep doing more episodes (Picture: Getty Images)

‘It’s down to what the BBC want and what we can plan around.’

‘We are definitely making more specials,’ he added to the Daily Star. ‘Whether we do another full series or not depends on dates.’

Despite frequently being panned by critics, the sitcom has been going since 2011, and Brendan clapped back at those who bashed his venture

‘First of all, I’m well aware that comedy is very subjective,’ he told BBC Radio Sounds in a recent interview.

‘What some people like, other people just detest. So I don’t take it too serious.’

Mrs Brown’s Boys is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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