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The devastating ending of Michelle Keegan’s Netflix thriller Fool Me Once explained-Ruth Lawes-Entertainment – Metro

It has been a wild ride.

The devastating ending of Michelle Keegan’s Netflix thriller Fool Me Once explained-Ruth Lawes-Entertainment – Metro

Michelle Keegan plays Maya in her first major Netflix series (Picture: Vishal Sharma/Netflix)

*Warning: this contains spoilers for Fool Me Once

Michelle Keegan’s new Netflix thriller Fool Me Once has gripped fans to the extent they were calling in sick to binge-watch the episode and now many have been left winded by the gut-wrenching ending.

The big question looming over the drama, which also stars Dame Joanna Lumley, was who killed Michelle’s character Maya’s husband Joe (Richard Armitage) and her sister Claire (Natalie Anderson).

Before we get to that… strap yourselves in as it’s a truly wild ride and look away now if you don’t want to know how Fool Me Once ends.

Let’s start from the beginning, so, Maya was sacked from the military after investigative journalist Corey (Laurie Kynaston) leaked the revelation she had actioned an airstrike killing thousands.

However, Corey was harbouring an even more damaging secret about the tragic incident – audio that proved Maya had purposefully ignored commands from the control room to cease fire.

To protect her sister, Claire approached Corey and struck a deal to trade intel about the corrupt and fatal practices of the pharmaceutical company she worked for, owned by Joe’s family, the Burketts.

The series follows the investigation into Joe’s brutal murder (Picture: Matt Squire/Netflix)

Joe learned Claire had discovered the firm had falsified the tests of an antibiotic as safe, when in fact they had killed patients or caused extreme and life-changing side-effects, and was planning to leak this to Corey.

But he got there first and broke into Claire’s house and shot her with a gun from his and Maya’s armory, located in the basement of their home.

Maya began her own investigations into Claire’s death and started to suspect Joe of murdering her and decided to confront him to learn the truth.

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Before doing so, however, she switched the ornamental, deactivated pistol for a working one, pocketing the latter.

When Maya told Joe her suspicions, he whipped out the gun – but, unbeknownst to him, he had taken the deactivated one – and shot at her.

For Maya, that was the confirmation she needed and she killed Joe on the spot, covering it up as a botched burglary.

Judith is suspicious Maya knows more about the murder that’s letting on (Picture: Vishal Sharma/Netflix)

However, Joe’s mother Judith (Dame Joanna Lumley) was convinced Maya was concealing information about Joe’s death.

In a bid to catch her out, and as a form of psychological warfare, she bribed Maya’s nanny to create a deep-fake image of Joe on Maya’s nanny camera to try and catch her out.

Meanwhile, officer Sami (Adeel Akhtar) was also investigating Joe’s murder and, after discovering the same gun killed Claire and Joe, and it was the same make as the pistol in Maya’s armory, had enough evidence to arrest her.

Judith and Maya have an epic and deathly showdown(Picture: Vishal Sharma/Netflix)

Knowing her time is up, Maya travelled to Judith’s house where they have an epic showdown, with Maya admitting she killed Joe and threatening to leak her company’s

However, Judith assured Maya that any information the Burkett family’s company has endangered millions of lives will never be proven due to their power and wealth, while her son Neil (James Northcote) grabs a gun that Maya had placed down next to him, strategically as it turns out.

He shoots Maya multiple times but just before she dies she guides Judith with her eye to the mantelpiece where there is a nanny camera, the same one Judith had used to try and manipulate Maya.

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The nanny camera is hooked up to a live blog set up by Corey, who watches on in horror with officer Sami and the rest of the world as Maya dies.

In sacrificing her own life, however, Maya not only assured a member of the Burkett family got sent down for murder but also documented Judith confessing she knew the drugs were unsafe and sold them regardless.

Fool Me Once is available to stream on Netflix.

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