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This advert for lamb easily takes the lead for best ad of the year-Pierra Willix-Entertainment – Metro

‘This is absolutely bonkers.’

This advert for lamb easily takes the lead for best ad of the year-Pierra Willix-Entertainment – Metro

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An advert attempting to bridge the generation gap with a slab of meat has already got people hailing it as the best ad of the year.

For those unfamiliar, each year Australian Lamb (Meat and Livestock Australia) releases advertisements to celebrate and promote people eating the meat.

First kicking off in 2005, each year it is fronted by former AFL star Sam Kekovich, with the campaign launching ahead of Australia Day on January 25.

Over the years it’s drawn some controversy, particularly the first time around when Sam labelled vegetarians as being un-Australian for not eating lamb on the national holiday, provoking outrage from animal rights activists.

Since then, people eagerly await what wild tale will be spun in order to drum up support to eat lamb, with this year’s no different.

This time around, The Generation Gap features a series of physical land fissures separating each generation onto their own island, which grows wider each time one picks on another.

The Generation Gap ad begins with a Baby Boomer enjoying her life with ‘free homes’ (Picture: Australian Lamb)

The ad begins with an older woman strolling in activewear through the idyllic neighbourhood of Boomer Town as she is greeted by neighbours who repeatedly alert her to the fact her phone torch  is on.

She is then handed a set of keys by an estate agent standing beside a sign that reads: ‘Buy two homes get one free.’

Then warning one of her neighbours to ‘watch out for the generation gap’, an aerial shot then shows the divided landscape, with other generations each on their own slice of land.

However it then emerges the different generations are quite literally divided (Picture: Australian Lamb)

After Gen Z’s in the distance are shaded by a Baby Boomer who reminds them they ‘invented your precious World Wide Web’, the ground separates further, before this generation then takes aim at another.

‘Ugh classic Boomers making the gap bigger, they’d understand if they’d just listen to us,’ a young woman says, before another person her age responds: ‘It could be worse, we could be in our early 30s’.

The camera then cuts to a pair of Millennials passing the time by bouldering, who are questioning if they are still ‘cool’, while a Gen X couple are then shown relaxing in their backyard but lamenting the fact ‘no-one pays attention to them’.

Some Gen X’s seek comfort in the fact they are not ‘in their 30s'(Picture: Australian Lamb)

After a Baby Boomer is then seen declaring he ‘doesn’t care what they do, as long as it’s not in my backyard’, his beloved BBQ packed with lamb chops is the next victim of the moving land.

Arguments then break out between the generations, but the smells of the cooking meat then waft over to each island, with everyone soon desperate to have a taste.

When one of the Baby Boomers declare ‘at least we can all agree’ on something, the land starts to shift back together, effectively closing the Generation Gap as they all start throwing out statements to make it happen quicker.

However things get tense when insults are hurled across the divide (Picture: Australian Lamb)

‘I am addicted to my phone as well,’ the older lady declares, before a Gen X admits that being an ‘old person in Australia must be difficult…probably’.

As they are all reunited, the groups start to embrace and tuck into the BBQ, however the generation gap isn’t quite bridged when two Gen X’s mistakenly believe Sam to be former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard.

It ends with the message: ‘Share the lamb—100% Australian.’

A BBQ eventually brings them back together (Picture: Australian Lamb)

Former AFL star Sam Kekovich has fronted the ads for over a decade (Picture: Australian Lamb)

After the ad was released, it’s picked up plenty of attention all over the world, with many obsessed , and also somewhat confused, with what they watched.

As prominent Australian activist Sally Rugg put it: ‘I regret to inform you that the Australia Day blockbuster lamb ad this year has gone global, and people are understandably confused.’

‘I’ve seen crazy ads in my life, but NOTHING compares to this,’ Guillaume Hune shared on X.

The ads are released each year to encourage Aussies to eat more of the meat (Picture: Australian Lamb)

‘I promise, you absolutely can’t predict the plot twist in this ad. 10/10, no notes,’ Ilayda Arden posted.

Catherine McNiel added: ‘Please start your day, as I did, by watching this incredible piece of art. I mean, advertisement.’

Meanwhile Nick Rizzo called it ‘the best ad in history’.  

Many people were totally perplexed tuning in (Picture: X)

However they praised the advert (Picture: X)

Many others had no clue what was coming (Picture: X)

Plenty of Australians weighed in on the response (Picture: X)

Since being released earlier this week, the ad has picked up around 300,000 views in two days on YouTube and more than 250,000 likes and 16,000 shares on TikTok.

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