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WWE star bravely responds to podcaster’s vile sexual assault insult-Alistair McGeorge-Entertainment – Metro

The 32-year-old star has responded to the comments.

WWE star bravely responds to podcaster’s vile sexual assault insult-Alistair McGeorge-Entertainment – Metro

Kayla Braxton has fired back after the vile comments (Picture: WWE)

WWE star Kayla Braxton has issued a brave and powerful response to a podcaster who referred to her as a ‘rape baby’ in a vile video.

The 32-year-old broadcaster – who has previously spoken very candidly about how her mother was sexually assaulted when she conceived her – admitted she was struggling after dealing with ‘some insane and unwarranted hate’ on social media this week.

Kayla shared a video on her Instagram account showing podcaster Kevin Scampolilaughing and showing direct messages with another person referring to the star as ‘rape baby’.

He repeated the insult while laughing in the recording from a stream, which appears to be from his podcast.

‘Man. This past week has been a challenge. I’ve gotten some insane and unwarranted hate for no reason at all. I was hesitant to post this because I hate giving satisfaction to the people who have put me in this mental space,’ Kayla wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

‘But I also think it’s important to talk about it. I’m having a hard time understanding why I’m receiving things like this lately for parts of my life I’ve had no control over, but have shared because I feel like… why else am I here if not to make some kind of difference, ya know?’

Kayla has been with the company since 2016 (Picture: WWE)

The star – whose real name is Kayla Becker – admitted while she can be ‘very hard’ on herself, she tries to remember how much she has achieved ‘despite how I got here’.

She continued: ‘I’m very hard on myself, but then I consider where I am despite how I got here. I was conceived via rape and my mother (who’s been to hell and back and I’m so proud of her) was in prison for years, which is what landed me in foster care.

‘But as strong as I try to be, things like this bring out the darkest parts of me. I hate giving this bottom feeder any attention, but I think exposing him is necessary.

‘We all know people who have taken their lives because of this kind of thing. I’m way too stubborn to do that, but these people need to be held accountable … oh Kevin Scampoli – bless your empty heart.’

Kayla has worked with the biggest names in entertainment, including Dwayne Johnson (Picture: Instagram)

Scampoli is yet to comment publicly on Kayla’s post, which comes after he was met with backlash on X for mocking late wrestling legend Brodie Lee’s widow Amanda Huber over her husband tragic death.

Turning the vile insult on its head, Kayla – who has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Matthew McConaughey – joked she would take it for her future autobiography.

She quipped: ‘Also – maybe the title of my memoir will be “rape baby.” I mean – how damn bad ass is it that I was brought into this world that way and kinda killing it? 🥰’

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