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Usher’s Vogue cover with supermodel sparks criticism-Alicia Adejobi-Entertainment – Metro

‘Who is that random lady?’

Usher’s Vogue cover with supermodel sparks criticism-Alicia Adejobi-Entertainment – Metro

Usher is weeks away from headlining the Super Bowl falftime show (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

Usher fans have some questions for US Vogue after the R&B icon was given a spot on the magazine cover to celebrate his upcoming Super Bowl performance, only to have him feature alongside a ‘random lady.’ 

The Confessions hitmaker, 45, is preparing to headline the NFL Super Bowl halftime show on February 11, following in the footsteps of previous performers such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Prince and Madonna. 

To mark the pivotal moment in his career, Usher – full name Usher Raymond, appears on the digital cover of US Vogue alongside model Carolyn Murphy. The singer is seen standing behind a group of young children dressed in American football kits on the field while Carolyn is positioned on the other side. 

As the headline reads: ‘Usher. Super Bowl MVP,’ many are confused as to why Carolyn was included in Usher’s cover glory. 

Reacting to the photo, presenter @ScottieBeam wrote on X: ‘So… lemme get this right.. Vogue didn’t think Usher was a big enough star for HIS OWN SOLO cover … so they called in a random white lady to accompany him???’ 

Many shared her sentiments with @deevah_d1 weighing in: ‘They play in our faces all day. What the hell is this ?! This random white lady, these random kids. Usher is USHER.’ 

Carolyn joins Usher on the US Vogue cover (Picture: Campbell Addy, Vogue)

@OnleQueenB said: ‘Why is this random white lady thrown in all of his pics within this article. HE’S THEE USHER and needs no accompaniment!’ 

@Uncle_JayB added: ‘Lol I actually looked for Usher for a sec there and spotted him hidden at the back by the color of the ball and the child on him but I sure didn’t look for the random white lady, she stands out like it’s her cover photo lol, which is well…. Hers.’ 

However, others made sure to highlight Carolyn’s own achievements with @IamRomanWatson pointing out: ‘Yikes. Supermodel Carolyn Murphy is far from some random white lady. She’s been on countless covers, has been a face for Estee Lauder since the late 90s and has had a career most models could only dream of. No need to shit on her to make your point about Usher.’ 

@_FlackoJNR highlighted previous criticism the magazine faced when it placed NBA legend LeBron James on the cover alongside Gisele Bundchen, writing: ‘Why can’t Vogue give a black man a solo cover, y’all always add a white woman next to them, First Lebron and [Gisele Bundchen] now Usher and this random white lady.’ 

In 2008, LeBron became the first Black man to appear on the cover of US Vogue but many criticised the fact that Gisele shared the cover, accusing the image of perpetuating racial stereotypes. 

Fans were confused as to why supermodel Carolyn Murphy was included (Picture: Getty Images)

The basketball player was photographed appearing to shout while holding Gisele, which many compared to a World War I recruitment poster of a gorilla taking a white woman hostage. 

At the time, Vogue spokesman Patrick O’Connell said the magazine ‘sought to celebrate two superstars at the top of their game’.

‘We think Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen look beautiful together and we are honoured to have them on the cover,’ he added.

Usher’s Super Bowl performance is decades in the making after the singer’s illustrious career, which has seen him widely hailed as one of the greatest R&B stars of all time. has reached out to US Vogue for comment.

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