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WWE 2K24 cover star Cody Rhodes backtracks on Stardust demand with pre-order bonus-Alistair McGeorge-Entertainment – Metro

The American Nightmare is all over this year’s game.

WWE 2K24 cover star Cody Rhodes backtracks on Stardust demand with pre-order bonus-Alistair McGeorge-Entertainment – Metro

Cody Rhodes is all over WWE 2K24 (Picture: 2K)

Cody Rhodes has been unveiled as the WWE 2K24 cover star, and his presence will be felt all the way through the game.

The American Nightmare’s story continues in this year’s new WWE game, which has been officially announced by 2K with developers Visual Concepts and puts the 2023 Royal Rumble winner centre stage.

Cody said in a statement: ‘I’ve been known to keep a checklist of key milestones I want to experience on the path to finishing my story.

‘As an avid gamer, being named WWE 2K cover superstar is very, very close to the top of that list and I’m very happy to work with the teams at 2K and Visual Concepts to bring that dream to life.’

Pre-orders of the game will include the Nightmare Family Pack of bonus content, including four playable superstars, featuring Undashing Cody from 2011 and his flamboyant Stardust persona.

The latter will be a surprise to fans, after Cody previously admitted he had a handshake deal with WWE to not mention or show the character on screen after his 2022 comeback, which is something Visual Concepts were all too aware of.

Cody Rhodes is this year’s cover star (Picture: 2K)

Cody’s bruised look from Hell In A Cell is in the game (Picture: WWE)

Creative Director Lynell Jinks exclusively told ‘What’s funny is, we were all kind of walking on eggshells… We’re like, should we ask, is this, is it cool?

‘And he was like, “No, it’s part of my story, like, we have to finish the story!” And you can’t talk about Cody and his journey without mentioning Stardust, right? So it’s a big part of the transformation that he’s gone through.’

It was also important to shine a light on Cody’s family, including his legendary father, late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, and how his dad missing out on the then-WWF Championship helped inspire his current WWE story, as he chases the one prize that has eluded his family.

The game will include the 1976 version of Dusty and his rival ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, as Bryan Williams, associate gameplay producer, pointed out the importance of shining a line on that aspect of the journey.

‘We wanted to take all these facets of the Cody Rhodes family and put those in,’ he added, noting that the card collecting MyFaction mode will also include some treats, such as the special Mattel Bruised Cody model from 2022’s Hell In A Cell match and Cody’s own dog Pharaoh as a Manager Card.

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Fans have been desperate to see MyFaction unlockables available in other game modes, and it seems like that could be on the cards, as we were told there will be ‘some good news about that sometime soon’.

There is more good news for Cody fans too, with his presence felt ‘in pretty much every single mode’ from MyRise to MyGM  to 2K Showcase’.

‘Cody’s everywhere, and rightfully so,’ Lynell said. ‘He’s been awesome. He’s a gamer. He provides feedback, ideas, suggestions and just really got involved in the game as well. He’s been a great partner.’

WWE 2K24 is celebrating 40 years of WrestleMania (Picture: 2K)

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