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Julia Fox found shrine for ghost called Beauty who ‘watches over’ her house-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro


Julia Fox found shrine for ghost called Beauty who ‘watches over’ her house-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

Julia Fox is also an icon in the supernatural world, it seems (Picture: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Vulture)

Julia Fox says she is being haunted by a ghost called Beauty.

The Uncut Gems star, 33, moved into her new home with three-year-old son Valentino last year and has described how she was drawn to it by the supernatural entity.

The house even came with its own set up shrine all set up for the ‘matriarch’ spirit – but even before she discovered this, Julia knew something was up.

‘I was being drawn to this home, and then when I bought it I went downstairs and there was a whole shrine set up to the ghost that lives there,’ she explained to Vulture.

‘Before I saw the shrine I knew there was a ghost drawing me to the house because every time I would go it would be on a full moon, it was all very magical and mystical, and supernatural.’

She added: ‘But yeah, I believe in another dimension. ‘ The model confirmed that ‘Beauty’ is a friendly presence.

She has a ‘matriarch’ ghost in her house (Picture: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for H&M)

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‘Yeah, she’s the matriarch of the home, she watches over us,’ she said.

The topic of hauntings came up while talking about Julia’s new film, called Presence, which was inspired by director Steven Soderbergh’s personal experience of haunt haunted.

Co-star Callina Liang also said in the group interview that while filming she experienced another friendly presence in her hotel room.

She described hearing inexplicable knocks on her wall and became ‘friends’ with the presence, attempting to calm it down, as her alarm clock also randomly went off without being set.

Julia isn’t the first celebrity to open up about their supernatural experiences.

There’s been a whole load of stories from famous faces in recent months, including ones from Alan Carr and The Crown actor Dominic West, who both opened up on The Graham Norton Show.

Alan described the awful moment that a ouija board outed him. Yes, you heard that right.

He was playing with one of the so-called spirit-conjuring devices with his mother, when it spelt out the letters ‘HOMO’.

This spirit is called Beauty (Picture: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for IMDb)

Julia opened up about the presence while discussing her newsupernatural film Presence with her fellow cast members (Picture: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for IMDb)

Meanwhile, Dominic – who plays King Charles in the Netflix series – calmly described the time his house was haunted by a poltergeist, and he exorcised it by throwing a kids party.

‘It had a poltergeist, it was 300 years old and next to a plague pit in Hoxton where they used to bury people 20-deep,’ he explained of the London house.

‘My friend was there and stuff was flying around.’

Coronation Street star Michelle, who was also on the sofa, asked what everyone was thinking, ‘Did you see anything there?’ to which he replied: ‘I didn’t but it always had a weird feeling to it, and I went away and his friend moved in. His friend was a vicar and the poltergeist started chucking stuff around.’

‘So I then looked into exorcising it,’ he said. As you do. ‘Anyway, it all worked out. It’s still there. I didn’t tell the guy who bought it off me. Hopefully he’s not watching,’ he joked.

‘I looked into exorcism, and it’s a real thing. It’s quite the process and you have to look into the history of the whole house and work out who might be the unsettled spirit.

‘Then you go to the catholic church and the bishop has to approve everything, and there’s a whole office in the Vatican that does all this.

‘And this guy was advising and said, “Or you just have a kids party. Just get a load of kids in there and it settles the spirit and cheers everything up. One of the kids’ heads might spin around, but that’s fine,”‘ he joked.

But no, seriously… ‘So we just had a couple of parties. And it worked. So that’s how you exorcise a house. Chuck the kids in there.’

You learn something new every day…

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