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The Traitors star Ross reveals brutal punishment from mum Diane for getting ‘blackout drunk’-Meghna Amin-Entertainment – Metro

He’s given us a peak into what having Diane as a mum is really like.

The Traitors star Ross reveals brutal punishment from mum Diane for getting ‘blackout drunk’-Meghna Amin-Entertainment – Metro

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The Traitors star Ross Carson has given us a little peak on what living with Diane as his mum is like – and it’s pretty brutal.

The 28-year-old video director was just hours away from making it to the final of Claudia Winkleman’s murder mystery gameshow, but was banished by the remaining Faithfuls following a blindside from Traitors Harry and Andrew, who had recruited him the day before.

As Ross addressed the roundtable for the final time, he dropped a bombshell that shocked his fellow contestants – that Diane was, in fact, his mum.

Viewers had been loving watching their secret relationship unfold, with Ross breaking the fourth wall in a Bafta-worthy moment after Diane’s truly iconic funeral.

And after failing to avenge his mother’s ‘death’, Ross has now revealed he was ‘told off’ following his banishment, and that retired teacher Diane, 63, had a pretty hilarious reaction to his drunken antics when he was younger.

Diane, who has been hailed a ‘gay icon’ by fans, earlier this week revealed a wild story of burying another relative’s ashes in her grandfather’s grave.

And although Ross has no grave digging stories, his childhood was far from boring, he revealed in an exclusive chat with

The Traitors star Ross shocked the other players when he revealed he was really Diane’s son (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Diane has been hailed a ‘gay icon’ after her time on the murder mystery game show (Picture: BBC)

‘My stories all come from having secret parties, and mum not knowing and the house getting trashed,’ he explained.

‘There’s a few videos of me being blackout drunk and mum basically quizzing me and shoving the camera in my face because she knew I wouldn’t remember it the next morning!’

He elsewhere revealed Diane’s reaction to his banishment, saying: ‘I’m pretty sure she told me off for not winning the money!’

Ross added: ‘Once you get to episode ten and you get past the midway point, the last quarter I guess, the winning becomes real.

‘Before then, I’m sure if you’re a Traitor you’re more focused on the winning but when you’re a Faithful, for me it was just to have fun and I was actually spending too much time thinking of one liners of how to roast mum and not enough time thinking about who the Traitors were, as you can tell.’

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He went on: ‘When the group gets smaller, you start to think, “Oh there’s only two days left here, if I play my cards right, I could win,” and the money is real.

‘So in that sense, after me not coming back for the first day, second day, third day, mum in her head is going, “Oh s**t, he’s survived!” And in her head, she thought I was going to win it!

‘So I came back, and she was just like, “Oh for f**k’s sake”, so yeah, she told me off but then said how proud she was of me and how much fun we’d had together and stuff.’

Ross shared that had he gone on to win the programme, which last year saw Faithfuls Aaron, Meryl and Hannah take home £101,050, he’d be sensible with saving, but also take his family and friends on holiday.

After Ross and Diane’s first appearance on The Traitors, it was revealed her other son, Game of Thrones star Kerr Logan, had no idea they’d signed up to the show.

Ross was banished before he could avenge his mother’s ‘death’ (Picture: BBC)

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Admitting that his time on the competition ‘came a little bit by surprise’, Ross explained that Diane was the first to sign up for before approaching him.

‘Mum applied because basically last year, my siblings were obsessed with the show, and they tried their best to get me and mum involved and for whatever reason, not because we didn’t like it or anything, we just didn’t get so involved that we watched the whole season.’

But after one episode, Diane was convinced she could do ‘a much better job’ than last year’s players, and set about to convince her family.

‘We were taking the micky out of her saying she wouldn’t be great and then she took it upon herself to apply and wanted to keep it as a surprise for all of us, and I think it came about that they were looking for someone who had a child, or a brother or sister, so she just asked me,’ Ross said.

‘I deliberated on it for a long time, went back and forth and thought, do you know what, one, I’ve got to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t get in trouble, and two, I thought it would be a good laugh.

Diane went on the show to prove to her family she could play an excellent game (Picture: BBC)

‘Me and mum have such a good relationship and quite a funny relationship, we’re always making jokes at each other and the rest of it, that’s how it started for me really.’

Had it been up to him, Ross would have told the whole family, but Diane made him keep it all a secret.

He said: ‘Not out of choice, I would have told everyone because life is full of little moments and if you tell your nearest and dearest then they can also be with you in that anticipation of the show coming out.

‘But mum was adamant that we weren’t going to tell any of the family, so that was her wish from the get-go, she didn’t want to tell me if only she was going on it as well.’

Despite being super-fans of The Traitors, he added that his other siblings weren’t jealous of the opportunity and were ‘quite happy looking from afar’.

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And while their secret relationship proved to be one of the most dramatic storylines of this series, Ross has admitted there are no future plans in the works to appear on television together.

‘I never say never, [but] I don’t think anytime soon, let’s walk before we run in that sense,’ he said.

‘Sometimes there’s too much of a good thing, right? We’ve gone out with a bang me and mum, the public widely perceived us well.

‘I think we just keep our cards close to our chest for the time being, but I would never say never.

‘It’s good fun going on these things with mum and as you see, our relationship is just like what you see on camera. It’s just fun.’

‘It was such an amazing experience and something that we’re going to remember and cherish up until our days,’ he added.

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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