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The Traitors star Mollie ‘crying’ after receiving special item for disability-Ruth Lawes-Entertainment – Metro

Mollie told us all The Traitors gossip.

The Traitors star Mollie ‘crying’ after receiving special item for disability-Ruth Lawes-Entertainment – Metro

Mollie Pearce wants to raise awareness around stomas and limb differences (Picture: BBC/Studio Lamberty/Paul Chappells)

The Traitors star Mollie Pearce has revealed the moment that made her want to break down in tears during the ultimate game of deception and betrayal.

The 22-year-old soared all the way to the final of the BBC show as a Faithful only to narrowly miss out on the £95,150 cash prize after incorrectly naming Jaz Singh as a Traitor.

But while she didn’t ultimately bank that huge cheque, the model, from Bristol, made a lasting impression on viewers and became an inspiration to many for raising awareness around irritable bowel diseases and disabilities.

Mollie uses a stoma bag after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis aged 11 and undergoing extensive surgery and was born with a limb difference on her right hand.

Speaking to, Mollie said she was overwhelmed when she was given her first tailor-made glove for her right hand by The Traitors production team for the missions.

She explained: ‘For my hand, I had gloves made and it was the cutest thing ever. I can actually cry about it now. They had the glove completely the shape of my hand.’

Mollie was a big fan of the gloves given to her for missions (Picture: BBC)

She kept the glove given to her during Diane’s ‘funeral’ (Picture: BBC)

Mollie added she was allowed to keep the leather gloves she was given for the now iconic funeral episode during which gay icon Diane Carson led the procession to her own burial.

‘Now I just need to find an event to wear that at as feel like it won’t be acceptable to wear them down the supermarket,’ Mollie quipped.

When asked about any adaptations needed for her stoma, she replied: ‘Stoma wise, there’s not really anything I needed adapting.

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Mollie made it all the way to the final of The Traitors (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)

‘There was always a toilet on site when we were doing the missions, and that was the main thing I needed.’

Sadly, since The Traitors has aired Mollie has endured ‘vile’ jibes from trolls over her decision-making process in the final and has also been subjected to the ‘crazy’ rumour that she fancies Harry.

For the record, Mollie does not have feelings for the Traitor and is in a relationship with her ‘lovely’ boyfriend Max, while Harry is dating CBBC presenter Anna Maynard.

Mollie is loved up with her boyfriend Max (Picture: Instagram)

Harry is in a relationship with CBBC presenter Anna (Picture: Instagram)

Shutting down the speculation, she said: ‘It’s crazy that in this day and age, a boy and a girl can’t be friends. Harry and I were similar ages so we were always going to have a lot in common.

‘For me now having watched the show, it’s crazy that people would even think that because I don’t think any of us at any point were flirting with each other.

‘It’s so easy to pin it on the fact that maybe I’m a “stupid girl” and I had emotions for a boy but in reality, it was just a super strong friendship.’

Mollie pointed out she was close friends with other contestants, in particular Jasmine Boatswain and Miles Asteri, but was never accused of fancying them.

When it came to her final decision, Mollie insisted it was simply down to the fact she trusted Harry more than Jaz at that moment.

‘It was nothing to do with what Harry looks like,’ she continued. ‘Believe me, I wasn’t about to throw 47 grand away because there was an attractive boy in front of me. I have a lovely boyfriend at home.’

Mollie had an epic response for those critics slamming her gameplay (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)

As for those trolls doubting her gameplay? Mollie responded: ‘No matter what my decision was that night I was going to get people that weren’t happy with it as Harry also had a lot of fans.

‘I understand where they’re coming from with the fact that Jaz wouldn’t vote again if he was a Traitor – but I thought they were both Faithfuls and that’s what people forget.

‘They also forget that I do have emotions: Harry was a really good friend of mine and I found it really hard to turn him.’

She joked: ‘Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but maybe they should apply for next year and see if they do any better.’

The other untruth Mollie would like cleared up is that Harry has promised her a holiday with the jackpot.

Mollie has now said she was ‘joking’ when she made the remark on BBC Breakfast over the weekend and insisted Harry owes her ‘nothing.’

Mollie insisted Harry owed her ‘nothing’ from his big win (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)

‘It was so funny,’ she said when the comment hit the headlines. ‘It was just a little joke between me and Harry and he doesn’t owe me anything and it’s really important that people understand Harry won the money.

‘The decision I made meant that Harry won the money but whatever he does with that money is completely up to him, though. He does not owe me anything.

‘I’d definitely take a glass of wine from him. I could definitely do with that after all that emotional stuff. But other than that the money is his, he doesn’t owe me a holiday and it was just a little joke.’

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Mollie is on good terms with Harry and was even invited to his epic pub bash during which he reportedly put £2,000 behind the bar for all of his loved ones.

While Mollie was unable to attend as she was busy with The Traitors promo and the location of the party was a long distance from her home, she said the gang all have plans to meet up soon.

‘We’re all going to have a big reunion and a weekend away at some point, which will be really fun,’ she said.

‘We’re like a little family, honestly, I love them all so, so much.’

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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