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Destiny 2 game director leaving Bungie as Mass Effect crossover announced-Adam Starkey-Entertainment – Metro

Ahead of The Final Shape expansion, Destiny 2’s game director is stepping down from his position.

Destiny 2 game director leaving Bungie as Mass Effect crossover announced-Adam Starkey-Entertainment – Metro

Destiny 2 will have a shake-up after The Final Shape (Picture: Bungie)

The game director for Destiny 2 has announced he’s leaving the studio following his work on the shooter’s next expansion.

Destiny 2’s next expansion The Final Shape is pitched as a culmination of the series’ narrative over the past 10 years, but it will involve some shake-ups behind the scenes too.

Joe Blackburn, who has served as game director on the online shooter sequel since 2020, has announced he’s leaving developer Bungie to embark on a ‘new adventure’.

In a thread on Twitter, Blackburn stated he will ‘pass the torch’ to Tyson Green, following the expansion’s ‘End-to-End playtest’ in February, which involves ‘multiple days of consecutive internal playtesting’ and ‘kicks off a shift towards bug fixing and polish work’.

‘Heading into this milestone, I’ve gotten to play hundreds of hours of The Final Shape, and what the world class talent here at Bungie has created has quickly become [one] of the things I’m most proud to have worked on throughout my career,’ Blackburn posted.

‘This ritual will be especially meaningful to me personally, as it will also serve as the moment to pass the torch of Destiny 2 Game Director to the next era of leadership as I head on a new adventure outside the walls of Bungie.

‘As we hit End-to-End next month, Tyson Green will take the reins as Destiny 2 Game Director. If you’ve followed Bungie for any length of time, you’ve heard his name. From Halo PvP to the creation of Exotic weapons in Destiny 1, Tyson has been a critical part of Bungie’s legacy since Myth 2.’

He added: ‘As a deeply invested Guardian before starting here at Bungie, getting to be a part of the Destiny 2 team has been the privilege of a lifetime. I am and will forever remain a lifelong Bungie fan and believer in what the teams within its walls are capable of.’

The change in leadership comes after a turbulent period for Bungie. The studio was acquired by Sony in July 2022, and was one of many developers affected by layoffs last year.

In November, the studio delayed The Final Shape to June 4, 2024 in order to deliver an ‘even bigger and bolder vision’ for the expansion. Following the layoffs, it was reported that Bungie’s next game, Marathon, has also been delayed to 2025.

Many fans have begun to fear that more layoffs are likely if The Final Shape underperforms, with rumours suggesting Sony is prepared to take away Bungie’s autonomy if player numbers continue to shrink.

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There is, however, some good news on the near horizon, if you’re a fan of trivial cosmetics. Bungie recently announced it has teamed-up with BioWare for a new Mass Effect-themed event in Destiny 2 from February 13, which will involve ‘new cosmetics and in-game items’.

A premium Normandy Crew Bundle, which will be available in the Eververse store when the event kicks off, will contain a Commander Shepard-style N7 armour set for Titans, a Garrus-inspired Vakarian set for Hunters, and a Liara-inspired Shadow Broker set for Warlocks.

Cosmetics in the free Alliance Requisitions Bundle, however, include an Enhanced Defence Ghost Shell, Alliance Scout Frigate Ship, and Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow.

The crossover comes as BioWare continues to develop a fifth instalment in the Mass Effect franchise, which was originally announced in 2020 but is not expected for several years.

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