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Games Inbox: Suicide Squad review predictions, Tekken 8 spin-offs, and Deus Ex disappointment-GameCentral-Entertainment – Metro

The Wednesday letters page wishes Assassin’s Creed Red was being made by a Japanese developer, as one reader imagines Super Nintendo Kart.

Games Inbox: Suicide Squad review predictions, Tekken 8 spin-offs, and Deus Ex disappointment-GameCentral-Entertainment – Metro

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League -it’s been a long and troubled journey (Picture: Warner Bros.)

The Wednesday letters page wishes Assassin’s Creed Red was being made by a Japanese developer, as one reader imagines Super Nintendo Kart.

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Sunk cost fallacy
Not surprised to see that Suicide Squad review copies have not been going out on time, even if there is an excuse with this one. The game has looked awful from day one. Worse than that, it’s seemed like a bad idea from day one, to the point where I can’t imagine it ever being good the way it’s been designed.

It seems obvious why too, with them designing it as a live service game and then changing it into a proper game and then settling on some sort of halfway point that I imagine won’t please anyone. It seems to me this is one of the big dangers of modern games making.

It cost so much to get to the point where they realised it wasn’t going to work that they’d spent so much it seemed wrong not to try and finish it. But that’s just taken even more time and money, that they’re never getting back, and now it’s just one meme away from being a laughing stock.

I’m not even saying the game will be bad – I don’t know and clearly nobody else does because they only got a copy on Tuesday – but if it does turn out to be alright I think it will be a miracle. I await the full reviews with great interest.
Big Plisken

Retail suicide
If Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a good game I will buy a hat and then eat it. It’s been obvious for years that the thing is a disaster. Heck, all the most important people at Rocksteady left ages ago, before it was finished, which tells you all you need to know. And if that’s not enough just watch one of the trailers because the game does not impress.

If Rocksteady is still going this time next year I’ll be equally shocked. It’s sad because for a while there they were one of the hottest devs in the world, and one of the few UK ones getting recognition, but they wasted so much time making such a weird game that nobody seems to want, either comic book fans or ordinary gamers.

I might pick it up when it ends up getting discounted, which won’t be long, but that’s all.
Tony T.

Samurai authenticity
Are people really hype for another Assassin’s Creed this year, after Mirage? That was the big back to basics push but I got bored very quickly and realised that I’m kind of done with the series at this point. I really don’t want a game set in Japan by a Canadian developer. Ghost Of Tsushima was bad enough, even if they were getting help from Sony’s Japanese teams (which I doubt exist anymore).

There are so many talented Japanese developers and the fact that none of them get the chance to make a big budget historical game is a crying shame. I guess Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is probably the closest recently but it’s not exactly a game that’s aiming for realism.

If Japanese developers prefer to make games with supernatural stuff in it then that’s their choice but it seems wrong to me when all the more realistic ones are being made and written by Western people.

GC: There is Rise Of Ronin, which looks promising. As far as we know it doesn’t have any supernatural elements and it’s by the Nioh team.

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Branching out
Good on Tekken 8 for having such a successful launch. I’ve been playing it and it’s a lot of fun, for someone that has barely touched the series since the PS1 days. I thought I wouldn’t remember any of the names but it all started coming back to me as I played through the story mode.

What’s always surprised me though is that none of these fighting games ever tried to spin-off their well known characters into different games and genres. I remember a Nina third person game on the PlayStation 2 and that’s literally all I can think of. Not even Mario Kart clone for Street Fighter or anything.

The Nina game [Death By Degrees – GC] was terrible but I can’t imagine that was enough to put every publisher off the idea for ever. I’ve heard people suggest this before and it’s always surprised me that it never even seems to be something that they consider. A Tekken turn-based strategy, when?

Game of the previous year
In response to Ameis’s Returnal letter. Yes, from the fourth biome, this is now your checkpoint. If you head back into your ship you can return back to the first biome if you like (necessary to fully complete the game).

What a game it is! The atmosphere was spot on. As I only played it for the first time last year on PC at launch, does this qualify for game of the year in my 2023 selection?
Cold Waste (gamertag)/Worlock_ed (PSN ID)

GC: Yes, although we’re not sure many other people would think to vote for it, so it could be considered a wasted vote. The PlayStation 5 version was our favourite game of 2021.

Diabolus ex Machina
So another day and another almost 100 people losing their jobs because the idiots that throw around billions of dollars like it’s pocket change have no idea what they’re doing. I’m a big fan of the Deus Ex games and was beginning to hope that we’d finally get a new one, but apparently that’s not going to happen now.

I’d be absolutely shocked if we ever saw another one, to be honest, given the time games to make nowadays and how old the series will be before it ever has a chance to come back. I just wish anyone other than Embracer had bought Eidos-Montréal because they are the absolute worse and I’m sure we’re only days away from an announcement of Crystal Dynamics cutting staff as well.

I’m pretty partial to Tomb Raider as well and now I have zero faith that that will turn out, as I’m sure it’s had its budget cut or some other money saving problem. You really weren’t joking when you said this year would be even worse than last year in terms of job cuts.

No doubt Sony will be next up, as those creating all their console-defining classics are kicked out the door for absolutely no reason.

Slow progress
Would love to see a GameCube emulator on Nintendo Switch Online but when are we going to get Super Mario Galaxy 2? It’s madness it wasn’t included in Super Mario 3D All-Stars and now that isn’t available either anyway.

Nintendo are getting better at keeping their older games available but they’ve still got a long way to given the huge number of classics they have access to. Even if they do start it up it could be years before we get all the good ones, considering how long they take to update it sometimes.

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Super Smash Kart
I can definitely see the next Mario Kart game being more like Smash Bros.

Where the moves, or in this case weapons, are specific to the character that is driving the vehicle.

Whereas it is at the moment, you have the same weapons but you are either light, medium, or heavy in weight. Which is great but you can put all the characters you want in there, they still all fall under the same three disciplines in different skins.

I’d love to see Link do a 360° sword attack when too many racers get close, Samus morph into a ball to make her engine go faster, and the Inkling spraying slippy paint across the track on the last corner.

Of course there should be universal weapons everyone can use but there should be a way to build up your character’s special move before unleashing it on everyone else.

Incidentally this never seems to have been discussed but Mario Kart 8 on the Switch has done such an impressive job of making every track available, even the Mario Kart Tour tracks.

Yet the arcade versions are still obsolete on it?

Is this down to licensing laws with Namco?

Surely Nintendo can pull rank on that?
freeway 77

GC: They might still have to pay a licensing fee and Nintendo are notorious skinflints. Or perhaps they feel the arcade tracks wouldn’t work in a home format.

Inbox also-rans
I wasn’t aware Eidos-Montréal were helping out on Fable. I thought they were assisting The Initiative on Perfect Dark.

GC: No, that’s Crystal Dynamics – the other ex-Square Enix developer. Although Eidos-Montréal’s involvement with Fable has never been officially confirmed.

Why do we need a Sonic Generations remaster? It’s not like the game’s graphics were complex enough that they need redoing. I’m guessing it’s more like a sort of semi-sequel where they add more levels but not enough to count as a new game.

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