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Where is The Apprentice boardroom, house, and cafe?-Rosie Slater and Pierra Willix-Entertainment – Metro

Find out where Lord Sugar delivers his iconic ‘You’re fired’ line.

Where is The Apprentice boardroom, house, and cafe?-Rosie Slater and Pierra Willix-Entertainment – Metro

Find out where Lord Sugar does all his hiring and firing (Picture: BBC/Boundless/Ray Burmiston)

The new season of The Apprentice will hit screens tonight, with the latest batch of candidates ready to prove their business acumen.

It’s now been 18 years since the UK version of the reality series debuted with Lord Alan Sugar at the helm.

This time the businessman is again offering £250,000 to the winner but, as always, they will first need to overcome a series of challenges designed to test their skills.

By Lord Sugar’s side will again be Baroness Karren Brady, as well as the show’s first ever winner Tim Campbell.

Over the years the series has featured some iconic locations, with tasks playing out across London and even abroad in some seasons.

For viewers keen to find out more about exactly where the cameras roll before tuning into the new episodes, here’s a list of the most iconic locations seen on the show.

Where is the boardroom from The Apprentice?

Steve, Virdi and Ollie in the boardroom on the upcoming season (Picture: Fremantlemedia Limited)

The boardroom has featured some of the tensest and awkward scenes in the show, as well as being home to Lord Sugar’s infamous catchphrase: ‘You’re fired!’

As contestants squabble over who is to blame for failing a task, Lord Sugar and his aides look disapprovingly on from across a vast meeting table.

Lord Alan Sugar is often seen surveying central London (Picture: BBC)

But while the room may look like its been filmed in a typical city office – with many assuming it takes place in Canary Wharf – the scenes are actually shot at a custom-built set at Black Island Studios in London.

Where is The Apprentice house?

Huxley House on Bishops Avenue in London, referred to as ‘Billionaires Row’ (Picture: JamesEdition)

The contestants’ house has been based at some pretty glamorous locations over the years.

But the most recent one known to be used for the show was undoubtedly the swankiest to date.

Huxley House is based on Bishop’s Avenue in North London, often referred to as Billionaire’s row.

It was confirmed as the home for the 2022 candidates and featured eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, sauna, gym and games room as well as a cinema screen and bar.

Eagle-eyed viewers might also recognise the house from Channel Four’s Britain’s Most Expensive Houses, which aired on January 5.

However a few months after the 2022 season it hit the market for £17.5 million, however the asking price is now £500,000 lower.

As this home is currently on the market, it’s not clear if this year’s group of candidates are staying there too while filming for the show happens.

Where is the Bridge Cafe seen on The Apprentice?

The Bridge Cafe is famous for contestants debriefing after tasks (Picture: TripAdvisor)

The scenes filmed after a team loses a challenge are a favourite among Apprentice fans.

Contestants are seen looking despairing in a dreary builder’s cafe as they argue over what went wrong, while the winning team is sent on a snazzy experience for their prize.

But the Bridge cafe scenes, also known as the ‘loser’s cafe’, are actually shot at two separate locations in London.

The first and most well-known location is the Bridge Cafe in West Acton, West London, where those iconic exterior shots of the drab cafe are filmed.

Despite its less than appealing appearance, the cafe has very positive feedback on Google – with customers praising the excellent value-for-money breakfasts and clean toilets.

Former contestant Dean Ahmad even left a shining review on Tripadvisor, saying the cafe had: ‘Top notch tea and staff always welcomed me and my guests no matter the mood we were in. Less blue sky thinking, more tea drinking if you know what I mean.’

To top it off, the greasy spoon even sells ‘You have been fired’ mugs.

La Cabana 2 has featured in the Apprentice since 2017 (Picture: BBC)

While the second cafe, which is used for interior shots, is La Cabana 2 in Willesden, North-West London.

Located in the Cumberland Business Park, it serves traditional English breakfasts along with other classic British cafe fare and is open every day from 6am to 4pm.

Viewers were left distraught when they noticed the change from the beloved original, but over time fans have warmed to equally fitting setting for distraught contestants.

Google reviews are also strong for La Cabana 2, with a solid 4.9 out of 5 rating and one customer complimenting the ‘friendly staff’.

The Apprentice returns tonight on BBC One at 9pm.

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