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Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo: ‘We’ve been married less than a year but already had couples therapy’-Josie Copson-Entertainment – Metro

The couple reveal all!

Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo: ‘We’ve been married less than a year but already had couples therapy’-Josie Copson-Entertainment – Metro

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Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s playful flirting as they mic themselves up for an interview at Metro HQ doesn’t give the impression they need couples counselling.

However, they tell us that, yes, they have already sought a bit of outside help.

While the former Made In Chelsea stars have settled into wedded bliss since marrying in April last year, they’ve taken a very measured, sensible step into securing their blissful state for much longer. After all, approximately 42% of marriages end in divorce, so it’s a pretty wise decision.

‘We’ve done couples therapy, and I’m just such a big advocate for it. We did it because I thought it would really help us,’ Jamie, 35, told us.

‘I have done sessions on my own for years, and it’s made me so much more self-aware. Opening up to someone and taking the stigma out of mental health has been incredible.

‘I kept it in for ages. I was having anxiety from probably doing a TV show for so long, and now I’m more self-assured.’

Sophie and Jamie discuss the benefits of therapy (Picture: Metro)

Sophie, 30, quickly added, enthused: ‘I LOVE couples therapy.

‘If I could do it every single day I would. Couples therapy is the best.’

For Sophie and Jamie, it’s helpful to get perspective on any grievances from a third party who doesn’t share a bed with them.

‘You always think you’re right, so it’s great,’ Sophie remarked, turning to Jamie.

In their sessions, Sophie has also learnt that she needs to reassure Jamie more – his neediness surprised her as he was ‘cool, calm and collected’ when they were friends.

‘I am so easy though, I’m like a dog,’ he summarised. Sophie is a little more ‘complicated’ and Jamie now knows to listen more.

They seem to have mastered the elements of a successful marriage in 10 short months, but they are in disbelief they’re coming up to their first anniversary.

Describing it as the ‘greatest day’ of their lives, they agree that aside from ‘handcuffing’ themselves together, they wouldn’t change anything about their two special days. Their first was a low-key affair at a London registry office, and the second was an extravagant weekend in Spain.

Well, except maybe there is one thing they would change. Sophie insists that Jamie disliked her Vivienne Westwood short dress chosen for their London nuptials.

‘I did see quite a few short dresses after mine, but Jamie fully couldn’t accept my short dress. He went *takes sharp intake of breath*. I was expecting tears but that wasn’t the situation. You looked me up and down,’ she recalled.

Jamie replied: ‘I didn’t think you were going to wear a mini dress. My understanding of a wedding dress is you walk out looking like a meringue.’

My head began to whip from left to right to keep up with their witty quips to each other.

‘You said don’t wear a meringue dress, so I followed instructions. You sound quite controlling,’ said Sophie, but is unable to keep a straight face. She claims Jamie would have only been happy with a ‘high-neck, conservative, royal outfit’.

Jamie tried to defend himself between laughter but admitted defeat and instead told Sophie she looked ‘so pretty’. As a husband should.

Their easy back and forth naturally makes them great contenders as TV’s next big married couple presenting duo. They’ve already got their successful podcast NewlyWeds, and present one-off gigs such as the red carpet for Wonka together. Could This Morning be next? Perhaps they could be this generation’s Richard and Judy?

Jamie and Sophie would love to do more presenting together (Picture: Metro)

Jamie used to interview his teddy bears in a chat show set in his childhood bedroom, so his eyes basically bulged with excitement just at the thought.

‘That would be -,’ he began before his dreams about their future interrupted him. ‘Sophie and Jamie!’

‘I would love nothing more. TV is my heart and soul.’

He’s got plenty of ideas – a traditional chat show, a TV concept hooked to Sophie’s heritage (‘You make me sound like a Princess,’ she remarked – his idea actually relates to her Iraqi ethnicity), or inviting other couples to have therapy filmed – although, the latter may be a podcast he informed us.

Despite their interest in TV, they are at a stage in their careers where they want to have control, which is why they didn’t consider having their wedding covered by a channel.

Sophie and hosted the world premiere of Wonka red carpet (Picture: PA)

‘We didn’t want to go down that route because we’ve done a TV show for so long that had edited us. We didn’t want to have no control,’ Jamie explained.

‘We wanted it to be private too,’ said Sophie, which incited laughter from Jamie.

Of course, the lead-up, day, and aftermath were carefully chronicled on their podcast and their social media posts racked up thousands of likes, so it’s not everyone’s natural definition of the word. However, the key is their ‘control’. Something Jamie has mastered since starting on the E4 reality show in 2011.

Taking back his star power, he used the show as a launchpad and created Candy Kittens, and his own production company JamPot, which as well as NewlyWeds produces Wednesdays, which Sophie co-hosts with bestie Melissa Tattam. No longer needing Made In Chelsea to maintain their relevance, Jamie and Sophie left in 2021.

Jamie and Sophie left Made In Chelsea in 2021 (Picture: WENN)

Sophie particularly didn’t enjoy her ‘edit’.

‘I got painted in a bizarre way. People thought that all I did was sit and cry, they didn’t know I could smile,’ she said.

‘When you do a reality TV show it’s great for lots of reasons, but you are giving away a lot of your identity, you become a sort of porn or character within it. It’s not that I edit myself better, I just paint a true story of who I am and that’s really important.

‘People now can see I’m not just a hyperactive annoying blonde bloke, and Sophie is actually pretty jokes.’

Although the transition from betrothed to spouses has felt very natural, they have noticed one change: the ‘when will you have children?’ line of questioning has really ramped up.

‘People go “Hurry up, get on it” all the time, but I don’t particularly mind it,’ shared Sophie.

Jamie, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to make team Metro laugh, retorted: ‘What people don’t realise is that I already have kids.’

The couple then came up with an idea to do a TV show looking for any potential offspring, before returning to more serious matters once more – Jamie admitted at one point he was apprehensive about having children, but marriage changed his mind.

‘I come from a divorced family, and so I was a bit nervous about it. Now I’m married and constantly get to hang out with my best buddy forever I think it would be an amazing thing to do in the future. Sophie has got to carry them, so it’s up to her when we have them.’

Facing Sophie and putting a light hand on her knee he gently said: ‘Whenever you’re ready honey.’

While they aren’t exactly sure when little bundles of joy (and sleepless nights) will arrive, they have done what a lot of us who hope to take on the role one day do – imagine what they would be like as parents.

‘Jamie’s convinced that he’s going to be doing everything and I won’t be able to do anything. I strongly disagree. He thinks that he’ll be laid back, and let them run wild but he washes his hands 49 times per day,’ shared Sophie.

Jamie, on the other hand, reckons Sophie will be ‘too strict and fussy’. In true Sophie and Jamie style, they disagree completely with each other’s predictions.

Their habit of constantly poking fun at each other is a key part of their brand, and why so many listeners tune into their podcast every Monday. Jamie only knows when he’s gone too far if Sophie begins to cry, but most of the time the dynamic works.

‘Sophie and I were friends before that we were dating and so we just didn’t move out of that role. So we’re just such great friends as well as being husband and wife so that’s what’s so amazing, and why we can have so much fun,’ explained Jamie.

They may be partial to a few disagreements, but when it comes to the big stuff they are on the same page. They both want to use their platforms to give back which is why they’ve teamed up with TK Maxx and Comic Relief.

Jamie and Sophie modelled the special t-shirts (Picture: Metro)

Aardman, who created Wallace and Gromit, has created a range of T-shirts and sweatshirts, which are being modelled by Sophie and Jamie, as well as other celebrities including Billie Piper, Bimini Bon Boulash, David Gandy, Jimmy Carr, Jonathan Bailey, and Twiggy.

The money raised will help tackle poverty, and to provide food, essential healthcare or safe shelter for children and young people here in the UK and
around the world.

‘It’s incredible to be part of something so iconic that has been going for so many years and to be able to give back,’ Jamie, who also wants to help young people interested in TV and business, told us.

Famous faces are helping the cause (Picture: Dan Kennedy)

Jamie is proud to be involved in the campaign (Picture: Dan Kennedy)

‘There are two levels to happiness. The low-level stuff is like success and money, but what actually brings you true joy is family and, philanthropy.

‘Socrates said that,’ said Jamie, before expressing how impressed he is with himself for quoting a Greek philosopher. To be honest, we’re pretty impressed too.

Jamie & Sophie are supporting Red Nose Day by wearing exclusive T-shirts from the incredible collection of chari-tees, featuring cracking designs from Aardman, available at TK Maxx stores and online at from February 2024 to raise money for Comic Relief

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