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Man takes iPhones to be valued on Antiques Roadshow and no one quite knows why-Emily Bashforth-Entertainment – Metro

Are iPhones antiques now? If so, we feel very old…

Man takes iPhones to be valued on Antiques Roadshow and no one quite knows why-Emily Bashforth-Entertainment – Metro

iPhones on Antiques Roadshow? Well, there’s a first time for everything… (Picture: BBC)

When you think of Antiques Roadshow, you probably think of one-of-a-kind paintings, ornaments with sentimental value, stunning vases, and diamonds passed down through generations not… iPhones.

However, that didn’t stop one man from taking his Apple collection for valuation.

Rocking up at Pollock Park in Glasgow, a gentleman surprised the Roadshow team with something very different from ceramics or tapestries.

‘Somewhat of a first here on the Antiques Roadshow,’ noted expert Jamie Russell as he took in the sight before him.

Displayed in cases were a range of iPhone models, which Jamie explained were ‘not something that we can necessarily call antiques’.

Instead, he described them as ‘collectables of the future.’

The gentleman admitted his collecting had spiralled ‘out of control’ (Picture: BBC)

Even the expert was stunned (Picture: BBC)

On how he managed to acquire so many iPhones, the gentleman confessed: ‘It started, basically, with the first iPhone and it’s got completely out of control over the last few years.’

‘I don’t know if this has been a terrible idea or if this is a terrible idea,’ he laughed.

Well, as collecting goes, this is certainly a very expensive hobby…

‘Back 80 years, we had Bakelite ring dial telephones. As time has gone on, they have become works of art and very collectable and have been selling it auction and doing quite well,’ Jamie reminisced.

‘So, you’ve got in at the forefront of what will be one of the biggest collectables in the future,’ he told the owner, assuring him he wasn’t wasting his time (or money).

He started collecting from the very first iPhone release (Picture: BBC)

The man’s first iPhone was described as ‘not the absolute rarest’, given that it was 16GB.

Prior to that, there was a model that was 4GB and one that was 8GB.

The 4GB, however, was ‘pulled very quicky’, Jamie said.

On what the collection of iPhones could be worth one day, well, it was practically impossible to tell.

But, Jamie did know that some of the rarest iPhones have sold for big bucks.

‘There are levels of scarcity. Now, they are starting to come up in specialist auctions.

‘The original 4GB recently sold for more than £50,000 at auction in America.

Jamie Russell said it was almost ‘impossible’ to put a price on the items (Picture: BBC)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on Antiques Roadshow?Comment Now

‘So, there’s an appetite there for these things.’

He stated that it would be ‘impossible’ to value the gentleman’s collection ‘right now’.

‘But, you’ve got in at the exact right spot,’ he told him.

‘You’re definitely on to a winner and I think you’ll have a great sale whenever they do some in the future.’

As to be expected, Antiques Roadshow viewers were left scratching their heads as they watched the, well, failed valuation.

David Knowles wrote on X: ‘iPhone? Oh come on.’

‘A fantastic piece of Chinese craftsmanship… a f***ing Iphone!’, mocked Caroline Kurkova.

User Toby Earle wrote: ‘an iPhone on #AntiquesRoadshow I feel ancient’.

Well, to be fair, it’s probably not the wildest thing the programme has ever seen, given that we’ve had nude portraits from the 1970s and even one grandmother’s breast implants valued before.

Antiques Roadshow really is the gift that keeps on giving, huh?

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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