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Taylor Swift fans freaked out by ‘horrifying’ process to create 7ft-tall Super Bowl cake-Tori Brazier-Entertainment – Metro

The 38-hour process was… quite something.

Taylor Swift fans freaked out by ‘horrifying’ process to create 7ft-tall Super Bowl cake-Tori Brazier-Entertainment – Metro

To celebrate the Super Bowl, one talented baker has made a (more than) life-size Taylor Swift (Picture: TikTok/@laracakesofficial)

If you thought the major Taylor Swift line from today’s Super Bowl would be her managing to fly in from Tokyo to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, we’ve got something much more unexpected for you.

Yes, even more so than the actual Japanese embassy deciding to weigh in on the time zone calculations that would get her to Las Vegas in time.

That’s because a baker has created a staggering 7ft-tall vanilla and red velvet-flavour cake of the jet-setting pop icon, dressed in Kansas City Chiefs sweater – her partner’s team.

In a move plenty of her ardent ‘Swifties’ are hoping will come true, she’s also holding aloft the Super Bowl trophy above her head, representing the sought-after silverware of the NFL championship game.

Lara Mason, 37, the baker behind the creation, used 130kg of ingredients and took 38 hours making the Taylor cake, which she documented on her TikTok account @laracakesofficial.

Unsurprisingly, the lengthy and – at times – bizarre-looking process has garnered plenty of attention as fans saw the work in progress, which was rather unsettling at various stages.

The Grammy winner has flown in from Japan to support boyfriend Travis Kelce at the NFL championship match (Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Lara Mason documented the process of making her Taylor cake on social media, which took her 38 hours in total (Picture: TikTok/@laracakesofficial)

Alongside the final result, there were a few more jarring stages to making the cake (Picture: TikTok/@laracakesofficial)

Her first video about the project, where she revealed her intention to make a Taylor Super Bowl-themed confection, got 111,000 views back at the end of January.

Less than two weeks – and more than eight TikToks and millions of views – later, the cake is complete.

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Taylor and Travis have brought a lot more attention to the NFL, so Lara opted to have Tay hold the Super Bowl trophy (Picture: Getty)

The video of her sculpting Taylor’s head alone is sitting on over 6,100,000 views and makes for a fascinating if uncomfortable watch as she shaves down the cake and covers it with a peach skin-coloured fondant.

For the more squeamish, there’s also the fun section where the baking influencer pops fake eyeballs out of a mould and then gives them a quick resurface with a blowtorch to get them glistening – tasty – before fitting them in the head.


A lifesize CAKE of Taylor Swift?! 😳

♬ original sound – Lara Cakes

‘This is horrifying and I love it ❤️you are very talented ❤️,’ @haunted_hem_herald3 praised in the comments.

‘Lol i thought that too,’ replied @RCandMoonpie1. ‘A little horrifying & gross watching it come together, but in the end unbelievably amazing & gorgeous. Love it.’

‘Uncanny valley,’ commented Ellis Quinne of the head-in-progress stage, while another user commented: ‘Little creepy just yet 😆😆can’t wait for your masterpiece!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💜💜👏🏽’

Once we get past the tooth sculpting though, it becomes truly impressive in its likeness to Taylor, especially when Lara adds her trademark red lipstick and then individual eyelashes and cat’s eye make-up.

Just some skin-coloured fondant icing, as you do (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

We also found out, rather unsettlingly, that a blowtorch makes eyeballs glisten realistically (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

Taylor face jump scare (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

However, things soon started to come together in Lara’s hands (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

By this stage, it’s undeniable who this is – especially with the lipstick (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

Lara also took two goes at the Cruel Summer singer’s (chocolate) fringe, which involved cutting it with scissors and painting it with food dye to get the right shade of blonde.

In the clip, Lara revealed that her initial Valentine’s Day theme of ‘partners supporting partners’ had been ‘a total fail’ as she had to abandon her ambitious plan of also sculpting a cake of Travis alongside his girlfriend.

We’d have to disagree with Lara’s assessment of her efforts there, as did many others.

‘What happened to “Total fail” and “Didnt manage my time”?! 😂😂😂 this is insanely good!’ commented user Tirzah, while Amy added: ‘We don’t exist in the same universe if you call this a “total failure” 👀👀 It’s amazing.’


I have to have this finished by tomorrow…

♬ Worth It. (Sped Up) – RAYE

Others deemed the cake ‘insane’, ‘spectacular’ and ‘absolutely stunning’.

In another video, the finished head of Taylor looks rather creepy perched in a bag to protect it on top of her uniced cake body and trainers, ahead of it being carved or covered in a chocolate layer.

‘I have to have this finished by tomorrow…’ revealed Lara in the caption.

Luckily, she did, and the final Cake Taylor has all the details from a shine to her black leather trousers – which had life-like wrinkles to them added by hand – and red ticks on her Nike trainers, to red nail varnish on her fingers and her blonde hair hanging in strands around her shoulders.

The final 7ft Taylor Swift cake, holding a Super Bowl trophy ahead of the big match tonight (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

Lara with her finished creation, which she initially called a ‘total fail’ because she meant to make a Travis as well but ran out of time (Picture: Instagram/@laracakes)

‘She’s obviously so beautiful, so it was hard to get her looking so pretty,’ Lara told the BBC of her efforts to sculpt the Grammy-winner – who announced her new album at the ceremony – out of cake accurately.

which was more of a challenge than the ‘gruesome’ features of a viral Grinch cake she previously baked.

Lara’s husband helped her build the internal structure the cake is formed around to stop it from collapsing, with their six-year-old twin daughters very excited to come home from school every day and see that the cake was ‘a bit bigger’.

‘People don’t realise cake is actually so heavy, it doesn’t like to defy gravity,’ she added.

Naturally, although the Taylor fan and her NFL fan and her husband normally support other teams, they’re hoping for the ‘fairytale ending’ of a Chiefs win on Sunday.

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