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Nintendo Switch 2 can upgrade older games with backwards compatibility claims new rumour-Adam Starkey-Entertainment – Metro

Original Switch games will receive a performance boost on the next console, according to a new report.

Nintendo Switch 2 can upgrade older games with backwards compatibility claims new rumour-Adam Starkey-Entertainment – Metro

The Switch follow-up may give your library a boost (Picture: Salvo Lo Cascio and Riccardo Cambò Breccia)

Multiple reports have shared details about Nintendo’s next console, including claims of visual upgrades for existing Switch titles.

As speculation mounts around a rumoured March reveal for Nintendo’s next console, more claims have trickled out regarding the system’s features.

Nintendo previously hinted that the Switch successor would have backwards compatibility, but a new rumour claims it will allow developers to roll out ‘improvements’ for past Switch titles – presumably in terms of visuals and performance.

It’s also claimed the Switch 2 will allow for backwards compatibility between both the original Switch’s physical cartridges and digital purchases, in what will likely be tied to the Nintendo account system, introduced with the original console.

The report stems from Portugese podcast X do Controle by PH Brazil and was later shared by Universo Nintendo, who have proven accurate around Nintendo Direct dates in the past. The same site claims a Nintendo Direct will take place sometime this week.

Nintendo has some track record with backwards compatibility, with the jump from GameCube to Wii, Wii to Wii U, and DS to 3DS all allowing you to play past games on the new system. The only time in recent years this didn’t happen was the Wii U to Switch, but that was simply because the Switch doesn’t have a disc drive.

The rumoured addition of enhancements to original Switch titles seems likely too, with reports of Nintendo showing an upgraded version of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild last year. Although that may have been just a tech demo or an indication of a new paid-for version of the game.

According to Reuters, Nintendo’s next console is ‘expected this year’ and features a custom Nvidia chip. This goes against a previous rumour that Nintendo would use an already-existing chip to power its next console, like the original Switch which uses Nvidia’s Tegra X1.

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While this doesn’t give any indication as to the console’s power, previous reports suggested the console would be an ‘iterative’ improvement over the original Switch, enough to run PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X titles. Others though, have suggested it’s still less powerful than the PlayStation 4.

Considering the sheer number of rumours which have emerged over the past month, it certainly seems like Nintendo is ready to announce something regarding its next console.

While the company hasn’t directly acknowledged its existence, it did talk about the difficulties of transitioning between generations in an earnings call last week, so all signs point to a launch this year.

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