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Inside Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont’s marriage from celebrity friend playing cupid to TV work-Rebecca Sayce-Entertainment – Metro

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Inside Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont’s marriage from celebrity friend playing cupid to TV work-Rebecca Sayce-Entertainment – Metro

The comedy and acting couple have split after more than 9 years married (Picture: Getty)

Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont announced their decision to divorce this week devastating fans of the comedy couple.

In a joint statement, the pair confirmed that their relationship had come to an end after nine years of marriage.

‘After 9 years of marriage, we would like to announce that we have separated,’ it began.

‘We have jointly and amicably made the difficult decision to divorce and go our separate ways.

‘As our only priority is managing this difficult transition for our daughter, we would ask that our privacy is respected at this sensitive time to protect her well-being. We will be making no further comment.’

The pair appeared in their own mockumentary about their relationship, Meet The Richardsons, which first aired in 2020 with its fifth series kicking off on April 8.

The pair released a joint statement confirming the news of their split (Picture: Des Willie/Meet The Richardsons)

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Lucy previously revealed that the current season of the show would be its last: ‘This will probably be the last one, and we’re going out on a high.’

From meeting through an unlikely celebrity friend to TV stardom by each other’s sides, we take a look inside the marriage of the Hullraisers writer, 40, and 8 Out of 10 Cats stars, 41.

How did Jon and Lucy meet?

Jon and Lucy began dating in 2013 and were introduced by none other than fellow comedian Roisin Conaty, with Lucy revealing the pair ‘hit it off’ right away.

Jon and Lucy met in 2013 through mutual friend Roisin Conaty (Picture: Production company/The End Of The World)

After Roisin invited her to a gig at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston-upon-Thames, Lucy and Jon met for the first time, making quite the impression on the So You Think You’re Funny finalist.

‘I felt someone’s presence behind me. I nearly fainted, honestly my heart was beating like the clappers as I was sure Jon knew I fancied him,’ she wrote in the first book Drinking Custard: Diary of a Confused Mum.

Two weeks later they went on their first date – and it seemed Jon was equally as smitten as Lucy when she discovered what she had been saved as in his mobile phone.

Their relationship began in typical comedy fashion (Picture: Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX/Shutterstock)

‘Jon dropped me off in his car to the train station and we swapped phone numbers,’ the comedian wrote. ‘Lo and behold, via Bluetooth, on his dashboard in big LED letters flashed “MY WIFE”. I have never got out of a car so fast,’ she continued.

‘I rang my friend Jackie and she told me very calmly that he must be a psychopath and to leave London immediately and come back and live in Hull with her again.’

When did they get married?

Jon proposed to Lucy in 2014, with them tying the knot the following year.

He popped the question in a very unusual way, with Lucy recalling the romantic gesture in an interview with Hull Live: ‘He gave me this butter dish and I thought, “You’ve been on TV for years and you’re giving me a butter dish,” but inside there was a note saying turn around.’

Jon proposed to Lucy in 2014 and they tied the knot just a year later (Picture: James_Stack/Meet The Richardsons)

When she turned round and saw him on one knee, the proposal ended in typical comedy fashion.

‘He had forgotten which knee to go down on so he was just kneeling down, I thought his legs had given way. Then I forgot what you are supposed to say.’

When the pair launched Meet The Richardsons in 2020, they played ‘exaggerated versions of themselves’ for the comedy mockumentary – with Lucy having to assure fans what they were watching wasn’t real.

Talking previously to The Sunday Post, she said: ‘It’s been great, but I see comments on social media and people don’t seem to realise it’s not real.

They play fictional versions of themselves in Meet The Richardsons (Picture: UKTV/Meet The Richardsons)

‘I don’t henpeck we wouldn’t have lasted this long if I was as mean to him in real life.

‘You don’t want to see a smug couple in love, in a nice house, with a stable career and a lovely little child.

‘Who wants to see that? I wasn’t doing it if we were going to be like that.’

Lucy was nominated for a BAFTA TV award in the female performance in a comedy programme category in 2023 for her role in the show.

The pair have been honest and open about the affect working together has had on their marriage (Picture: Ash Knotek/REX/Shutterstock)

Last year, Jon and Lucy told about the ‘intensity’ of working together, with Taskmaster star Jon saying: ‘To give us some credit, I think we are really good at what is quite an intense thing you know, working together on a project that does take the full year to write the series film the series, edit it and promote it.

‘We’re always working on it and to balance that amongst still maintaining a private life isn’t easy, and I think we’re really good at it.

‘There’s times obviously it’s difficult because marriage is difficult anyway, you know, I could be a dentist and you know, Lucy could be a teacher and marriage is just difficult.

‘So this extra element doesn’t make it any easier. But I do think we’re actually quite good.’

Lucy has spoken out to concerned fans about the bickering within Meet The Richardsons (Picture: Vishal Sharma/Meet The Richardsons)

Speaking about what they learnt from filming Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples, Lucy went on: ‘We’ve learnt that all couples have beef with each other and have ongoing tensions about something. Everyone’s the same.’

Jon continued: ‘It’s not about whether you have issues or not, it’s about how you deal with the issues. There is no perfect couple.

‘Michael and Hilary Whitehall were absolutely brutal to each other and it’s the lexicon of their marriage now.’

Do they have any children?

Jon and Lucy welcomed their daughter Elsie, 7, in 2016.

The former couple share a seven-year-old daughter (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Opening up on fatherhood, Jon revealed the thing he was dreading most about raising a child in a chat with The Latest.

‘What I’m dreading is raising her to be like me. If I hear her saying, ‘I can’t eat that chip because it’s touched those baked beans’, I’ll know she got too much of me in her!’ he said.

Speaking to Sky News in 2018, he spoke about how having a baby had affected his relationship with Lucy, revealing: ‘With a two-year-old at home the level of comedy around the house has dipped.

‘There’s a lot more testy arguments over the balcony at 3am than there is witty banter over the dinner table.’

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