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Counter-Strike 2 YouTuber spends £18,600 on cases – says ‘it should be illegal’-Kenneth Andersen-Entertainment – Metro

Popular Counter-Strike 2 creator Anomaly beat the world record for biggest case opening, but it cost £18,600 and he wasn’t left with much.

Counter-Strike 2 YouTuber spends £18,600 on cases – says ‘it should be illegal’-Kenneth Andersen-Entertainment – Metro

Don’t do what Anomaly just did (Picture: YouTube)

Popular Counter-Strike 2 creator Anomaly has beaten the world record for the most case openings, but it cost £18,600 and he wasn’t left with much.

Counter-Strike 2 has been under heavy fire recently, as fans complain about an abundance of cheaters in the game and very little help from Valve’s anti-cheat system.

It got even worse when a bug enabled anybody to use cheats by using simple text commands while playing, and two of the biggest Counter-Strike content creators, Warowl and Anomaly, quit the game to one extent or the other.

Though he said he was going to quit playing the game, Anomaly, best known for opening purchasable weapon cases, posted a video showing what you get if you open 6,500 cases – and it’s not much.

Anomaly spent 20 hours opening all 6,500 cases, in which you can get one weapon skin, in what he claimed was the world record in opening cases by one person, in one sitting.

The case opening extravaganza cost a total of £18,600 – £5,500 for all the cases and £13,100 for all the keys he also had to buy to open the cases.

He then put everything into a huge spreadsheet, which showed that he got 12 gold items (the rarest items of five classes, including knives and gloves), 41 red items, 211 pink, 1011 purple, and 5158 blue items.

Anomaly also showed what chance you have of unboxing a gold item, which is a tiny 0.25% chance, compared to getting a blue item which is 79.9%.

It gets worse though, as Anomaly revealed that his new skins were worth just £5,600. That means he would lose £13,000 if he sold all the skins he got at market value, after paying £18,600 for it all originally.

‘That should be illegal,’ he exclaimed, adding, ‘If you’re ever wondering, ‘Oh, Anomaly, should I open a case? Is it worth it? Can you profit?’ No, you can’t!’

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Valve has been criticised for creating a gambling element to the game with these loot boxes for years, where fans chase the chance to unbox skins worth hundreds of thousands.

Anomaly’s experiment proves that it’s not worth it though, as the most valuable skin he got after opening 6,500 cases was a Falchion Gamma Doppler knife worth £430.

He was also sponsored by a third party Counter-Strike 2 case company, which is the only reason he did the video, he said. But the experiment can now serve as a deterrent to anyone unsure of just how difficult it is to get anything valuable from these cases.

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