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XTrend Speed: Probably the easiest-to-use investing app ever

XTrend Speed: Probably the easiest-to-use investing app ever

I started investing in 2006 and even briefly became an intra-day trader in 2008-2009. Later, I also participated in some bond arbitrage, but overall, most of my investment activities for more than ten years have been completed on PC platforms. The reason is actually very simple. In addition to being a conservative in terms of technology, I have always been skeptical about whether a small mobile phone can complete my investment tasks well. Nevertheless, I am worried about the security of mobile phones. Mobile phones are more likely to be lost, and because they are applied on touch screens, it is also more likely to be misused and etc. In a word, if you dislike doing such thing by mobile phone App, there are plenty of reasons could be attributed to.

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My stubbornness came to an abrupt end recently because I was recommended an investment APP that is said to be super easy to use – XTrend Speed.

Before starting the trial, I did some background research: the security of this app is relatively reliable. In this regard, it is endorsed by famous international clubs such as Argentina Football Association, which has also included this APP into its sponsor list. Secondly, it is essential for an active investor to diversify his or her portfolio, literally, the investment sphere must be expanded to a sufficient degree in order to diversify investment risks and improve hit rate XTrend Speed provides the investors with different options to invest on futures, forex, stocks and etc. Many investment products are gathered on one platform, which can efficiently and seamlessly switch between various investment behaviors without wasting time because its operation is extremely smooth.

XTrend Speed offers both mobile application and PC trading platforms to accommodate diverse trading preferences and requirements.

There are many auxiliary functions, which can effectively save us the time of switching to other apps or platforms for viewing. You know, in intense investment decisions, every minute and every second counts. It seems to be connected to many authoritative sources in real time, ensuring that we can get it directly without stopping the App operation. I also mentioned earlier that I prefer to use the computer to operate. At this time, if I use the screen projection mode, I can still return to my familiar working posture. Of course, when I’m out, I can always take out my phone to keep up with my investment pace.

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About XTrend Speed

XTrend Speed is an authorized financial service provider in South Africa, and is regulated by FSCA under the FSP license number 23497.

Last year alone, XTrend Speed won multiple awards of the industry such as Best Customer Service Forex Broker and etc.

XTrend Speed pushes copy trading and features such functions such as livestreaming the market analysis, Starters School, News flash and etc. Thanks to these functions, both green hands and veterans of investment can release their best performance to achieve the designated objectives on a more efficient basis.