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YouTuber breaks neck in paragliding crash and posts video of terrifying moment online-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

He is seen spiralling to the ground.

YouTuber breaks neck in paragliding crash and posts video of terrifying moment online-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

Anthony Vella fell from the air and broke his neck, back and shattered his arm (Picture: YouTube / Anthony Vella)

YouTuber Anthony Vella, who makes videos about his hobby of paragliding, has experienced a terrifying crash and posted the horrific moment online.

The 33-year-old paraglider was testing a BGD Luna 3 over the Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas when he crashed.

In his latest YouTube video from a hospital bed after three days of treatment, Anthony introduced his video of the moment with a fractured neck, back and pelvis, as well as a shattered right arm.

The hobbyist then played the video of the horrific moment, advising squeamish viewers to look away.

In the video of the crash – which he posted on his channel – Anthony exclaimed, ’48 miles per hour, come on baby,’ before spiralling through the air and cursing as he crashed to the ground and let out an almighty scream.

Anthony explained how the paragliding equipment was ‘not responsible’ for the crash, but on taking off there was a ‘small tension knot’ he’d missed.

‘I have no blame for this exceptional paraglider, I can just say regardless of which one you’re using, check it’s in the correct configuration.’

After the crash, between painful pants and cries, Anthony fumbled around for his phone and said, ‘Hey Siri, call 911,’ before repeating it when that didn’t work.

He managed to call emergency services, as he moaned on the floor, still tangled up in his paraglider.

‘Help me please I crashed my flying machine,’ he said, explaining how he’s in the desert in Texas.

The video then sees someone arriving at the scene to help him out, as emergency services stay on the line asking for the address.

‘There is no address, I’m in the desert,’ he replied, still groaning in pain.

He then requested to phone his wife, as the emergency services asked again where he was exactly, with the paramedics on their way.

‘I don’t know what to do with my arm, it’s snapped,’ he exclaimed, wondering where the ambulance was.

Eventually, he got hold of his wife on the phone and emergency services arrived.

He’s recovering in hospital after three days of treatment (Picture: YouTube / Anthony Vella)

One said, ‘I can see your arm is obviously deformed so we’re not going to move that,’ as Anthony’s wife turned up asking what happened and kneeling by his side.

Introducing the paraglider in the video before the crash, Anthony said it is the fastest paraglider he’d ever flown.

He also admitted to having a bit of ‘anxiety’ about the flight, as he would be able to reach 75 kilometres per hour.

On the video’s description Anthony’s wife wrote: ‘My husband Anthony’s glider collapsed while flying between 85 – 100 ft AGL. He suffered multiple serious injuries (fractured neck, back, pelvis and shattered right arm).

‘All injuries listed required surgery. It has been the most challenging couple days for him but in true Anthony fashion, he continues to smile and make those around him laugh.

She continued: ‘We have felt the love and support from all of you and will never be able to articulate just how much it means to him, me, and our family.

‘Anthony is very excited to get back to his strong and active self. Please subscribe to follow his rehabilitation journey and his first flight back. Thank you again for your continued support.’

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