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Macklemore floors fans with ‘deeply moving’ pro-Palestine song-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

‘This is hiphop.’

Macklemore floors fans with ‘deeply moving’ pro-Palestine song-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

Macklemore has released a pro-Palestine campaign song (Picture: Didier Messens/Getty Images)

Macklemore has released a pro-Palestine song calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The 40-year-old American rapper – real name Ben Haggerty – has posted a campaign song on his social media called Hind’s Hall in which he raps over the top of protest footage and videos of the ongoing destruction in Gaza at the hands of Israel.

‘The people they won’t leave,’ raps the Thrift Shop hitmaker alongside videos of pro-Palestine protests around the world, as he went on to ask: ‘What is threatening about divesting and wanting peace?’

‘The problem isn’t the protests, it’s what they’re protesting / it goes against what our country is funding,’ the lyrics continue.

The rapper then repeats: ‘Block the barricade until Palestine is free.’

Slamming a system ‘designed by white supremacy,’ Macklemore’s video cuts to pictures of big corporations such as McDonald’s, who were previously accused of appearing to support Israel.

In it, he takes aim at the music industry not speaking out (Picture: Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

‘This generation here is about to cut the strings,’ he continued over harrowing videos of blood-covered children in Gaza, adding that ‘we see the lies’ of those ‘claiming it’s antisemitic to be anti-Zionist.

Cutting to a video of President Joe Biden, Macklemore rapped there’s ‘blood’ on his ‘hands’ before confessing he would not be voting for the 81-year-old politician in the upcoming US elections.

Macklemore then took aim at the music industry’s ‘silence’ over the destruction in Gaza, saying they are ‘complicit’ in not speaking out against it.

The Grammy winner then nodded to Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rap battle feud, which is being talked about online. 

‘I want a ceasefire, f*** a response from Drake,’ he rapped asking: ‘What if you were in Gaza? What if those were your kids?’

Hind’s Hall – the name given to Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall in tribute to a six-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed in Gaza – ends with the words on the screen: ‘Ceasefire now, free Palestine.’

Fans said they had ‘goosebumps’ at the song, and many – alongside music industry names – praised Macklemore for his taking a stand while many chose to stay quiet. 

‘Honestly Macklemore’s Hind’s Hall is the most Rage Against the Machine song since Rage Against the Machine,’ musician Tom Morello tweeted, referring to the rock band’s protest songs including Killing in the Name Of.

Fans have praised Macklemore for his ceasefire call (Picture: Didier Messens/Getty Images)

‘Macklemore > drake + Kendrick,’ wrote law professor Khaled Beydoun, while user @staph.sam said: ‘This is the diss track we really need.’

@karim_from_haifa said: ‘The silence of the other artists is now even louder. What a masterpiece, how exciting.’

Leali Shalabi commented: ‘goosebumps, this was phenomenal, thank you for using your art to tell the truth.’

Andrea Pico Estrada wrote: ‘Macklemore is right, where are the big names in music? Why the fear? Why the silence? Art and music are the sanctuary of the oppressed, Last I checked we had freedom of speech 🎤 Proud of you brother!’

‘You are on the right side of history! Thank you for showing us art should be a stance!’ wrote @hanansar_, while Karen Elizabeth added: ‘Amazing to see how he educated himself and hasn’t backed down since.’

Sumerian Records said: ‘this is punk. This is hardcore. this is hiphop.’

The US rapper announced that all proceeds of Hind’s Hall will go to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

Macklemore’s call for a ceasefire comes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said an operation in Rafah – the border crossing with Egypt which marks the only point Palestinians can flee from Gaza – will go forward.

Last night fireworks went off and cheering spread through Gaza as news of a potential ceasefire broke.

However within 45 minutes, Israel’s bombardment of Rafah reached some of the most intense levels since its war with Hamas began.

Today Israel’s tanks rolled in, destroying an ‘I love Gaza’ sign, and captured the Rafah crossing to Egypt, which has been a ‘lifeline’ for the people of Gaza.

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