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Here’s what PlayStation has to do for their summer showcase – Reader’s Feature-GameCentral-Entertainment – Metro

A reader details what he wants from Sony’s big summer preview showcase, but will his dream of new first party games come true?

Here’s what PlayStation has to do for their summer showcase – Reader’s Feature-GameCentral-Entertainment – Metro

Will this year be better than last year? (Sony)

A reader details what he wants from Sony’s big summer preview showcase, but will his dream of new first party games come true?

Considering everything that’s going on with Xbox at the moment, now would be the perfect time for Sony to take advantage of their weakness and announce a suite of amazing new games and some compelling reasons to buy a PS5 Pro. However, because this is the games industry, and apparently everyone in charge is an idiot, that’s clearly not going to happen. Or is it?

Xbox has been barely hanging on for what seems like all generation and Sony hasn’t done anything to try and finish them off, so there’s a distinct lack of killer instinct already. Although the biggest problem lately is that they haven’t got anything to finish them off with anyway, as their release schedules have suddenly dried up – presumably because of their new live service fetish.

Who really knows though, because not only have they not said but they don’t even have a proper boss anymore, since Jim Ryan left. So, will they announce one during their summer preview showcase (probably in May, as I understand)? How should I know, I’m not psychic. But I will tell you what I think they should do.

A new boss would go down well, actually. Although that’s probably a double-edge sword if they turn out to be some smarmy Xbox style con artist, which is what I’m expecting. Someone sensible and reserved would be nice but I’ll take literally anyone over… no one at all.

What they almost certainly will talk about is the PS5 Pro, but what they shouldn’t do is start a bunch of technobabble nonsense and try and justify it that way. I don’t want a Digital Foundry skit in the middle of my E3 style showcase. Show some games that could only look that way on the PS5 Pro and make it clear that this a definite step up. Don’t just vaguely say it’ll be better for GTA 6, show a before and after of GTA 6 on PlayStation 5 and PS5 Pro.

Then announce some new games and show them off properly. We already know about Wolverine so including that is fine, but it can’t be the only thing. And it can’t just be live service games either, because you know your longtime fans aren’t interested in them – whether they end up playing them or not.

If all they show off is Wolverine and live service games, then it’s going to look like they still haven’t got anything new and that they really have given up on their classic single-player games.

I don’t care if they don’t admit that they’ve been making mistakes the last couple of years, but they need to announce at least three brand new first party games – even if they’re just pre-rendered trailers. Ideally brand new IP too, not more licenses or sequels. I don’t want another Horizon or God Of War, I want something new and completely next gen.

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Then, for the rest of it, let’s have some proof that you are still the biggest company in the games industry, because your star has really been slipping lately. I want to see big announcements from other publishers too, don’t let that Summer Game Fest have them all. You can’t do Call Of Duty anymore so let’s see who else you can team up with.

GTA 6 would be perfect but some new Japanese games and maybe some more timed exclusives would be good. People complain about them, but Sony knows how to pick them and it emphasises that they’re the one that has the influence and that you were right to get a PlayStation.

I just want to feel as hyped about owning a PlayStation 5 now as I was when I first bought it, because I do not understand what’s been going on the last two years. Do I think half of what I’ve suggested will happen? Not really, but it’s what they should do.

By reader Terry Gold

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