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TV icon’s daughter, 19, ‘cant remember a single thing’ as cancer treatment wipes her memory-Rishma Dosani-Entertainment – Metro

She was diagnosed with brain cancer in October.

TV icon’s daughter, 19, ‘cant remember a single thing’ as cancer treatment wipes her memory-Rishma Dosani-Entertainment – Metro

Michael Strahan’s daughter has revealed that she has suffered some memory loss during her ongoing brain cancer battle.

Isabella Strahan was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October, after doctors found a fast-growing tumor, which was larger than a golf-ball.

The 19-year-old went public with her health issues at the beginning of the year, documenting her journey in a new YouTube vlog.

After revealing a setback in her chemotherapy schedule, she posted an update after completing her third round of treatment, explaining that she was struggling to remember certain days due to the combination of medication.

‘It’s been a few days since I’ve done chemo and I didn’t do Vincristine, I’m done with that so I feel a lot better. I’ve just been sleeping for like 18 hours,’ the teenager told viewers in a video on May 22, sharing that she had returned home and was not in any pain.

‘I don’t remember Tuesday because I’m given this drug to protect my hearing and, because I have a reaction to it, they give me Ativan. For some reason – this happened last time too – I can’t remember a single thing about that day.

Isabella Strahan shared a cancer update on her vlog (Picture: YouTube)

‘If the videos seem a little loopy, that’s why.’

Isabella previously became emotional when she recalled undergoing her third craniotomy, which meant that she was forced to push her final chemotherapy round back by a month, and would now complete this in June.

In the new clip, the student shared her excitement – and nerves – at only having a few weeks left of treatment.

‘Now I only have one more round to go, which is exciting,’ she continued. ‘I just want it to be June already.

The teenager revealed she is suffering from memory loss (Picture: YouTube)

‘That’s the thing, I just wait around for the next time I get chemo and I’m scared. Once I’m done, how [am I] going to go back to normal life?

‘Because I feel like there’s always going to be another treatment or something I have to do. But that’s a later problem…

‘Otherwise, I’m doing good.’

A vlog from the previous day showed her eating the sandwich she mentioned in the latest video, confessing that she had no recollection of ordering.

She said at the time: ‘I’m having a sandwich that I don’t remember ordering, since I got this medication that makes me rigor – which is shaking extremely and cold – it’s not a chemo, it’s just to protect for hearing. It’s a clinical trial.

‘I guess I ordered myself a sandwich.’

She explained that a rigor ‘is a period of extreme shaking or shivering’.

Isabella first confirmed the news of her illness in January, after suffering with headaches, nausea and issues with walking straight – she first assumed that she had vertigo, but went for a check-up after vomiting blood.

Isabella went public with her health issues in January (Picture: YouTube)

Doctors urged her to head to a hospital immediately, where she was eventually diagnosed with Medulloblastoma.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Medulloblastoma is a cancerous brain tumor that starts as a growth of cells in the lower back part of the brain.

Cells tend to spread through the fluid that surrounds and protects your brain and spinal cord.

While it can occur at any age, it mostly affects young children – symptoms can include dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting and unsteady walking.

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