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People are only just realising the meaning behind iconic 70s rock band AC/DC’s name-Lillie Rohan-Entertainment – Metro

51 years after they were first formed, fans are still learning the meaning of their name.

People are only just realising the meaning behind iconic 70s rock band AC/DC’s name-Lillie Rohan-Entertainment – Metro

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering what the meaning behind AC/DC is, look no further (Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Power Trip)

AC/DC might be one of your most listened-to bands, but do you know what their name stands for? If you answered no, never fear – we’ve just found out as well. 

The popular Australian rock band was formed in 1973 and is known for iconic hits like Highway to Hell and Thunderstruck. However, while their tunes are instantly recognisable, the full-length version of their name is not. 

One fan of the band took to Reddit and asked, ‘What does AC/DC actually stand for?’ Earning multiple replies, one user, @psychological_Ad8534, put to bed any rumours it means ‘anti-christ/devil’s child’ and revealed the true meaning: Alternating current/direct current. 

Founding members Angus Young, 69, and his late brother, Malcom—who died at age 64 in 2017—first revealed the meaning behind the name in 1999 during an interview for The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop. 

The brothers said while they were developing a name for the band, their sister Margaret pointed to the AC/DC symbol on her sewing machine’s AC adapter and suggested it could be a good name. 

Agreeing, the brothers felt it was a perfect symbolisation of the raw energy the band projected and their power-driven music performances, and thus, AC/DC was born.

Stevie is the nephew of founding members Angus and Malcolm (Picture: Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images)

Singer Brian joined the band in 1979 after the tragic death of Bon Scott (Picture: AP/Martin Meissner)

Despite being known as ‘Acca Dacca’ in Australia, the name is pronounced one letter at a time. 

The band first shot to fame in 1975 following the release of their first studio album, High Voltage. By 1979, AC/DC was experiencing global success with the release of Highway to Hell when disaster struck. Their lead singer, Bon Scott, died of alcohol poisoning.

Despite almost disbanding, at Scott’s parents’ request, the band continued on and recruited Brian Johnson.

They went on to release Back in Black, a memorial album for Scott, in 1980, which became the second best-selling album of all time.

Over the years, AC/DC’s line-up has seen a revolving group of members and consists of Rudd, Angus Young, Cliff Williams, Brian Johnson, and Stevie Young – the nephew of Angus and Malcolm.

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The rockers have sold over 200 million records worldwide, with their biggest hits including Highway to Hell, which reached number eight in the UK charts and number 17 in the US.

Brian and Angus are current members of the band (Picture: AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

In addition to their top charting status, the band has received multiple accolades, including an induction into Australia’s ARIA Hall of Fame in 1988 and 10 Grammy Award nominations, one of which they won for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2010.

The band also hold two Guinness World Records. The first, they claimed in 2008 for Most Albums on the US Pop Catalogue Album Chart, and the second they received in 2013 for Best-Selling Album by an Australian Group.

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