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Country music icon, 34, diagnosed with heart condition-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

She gave fans a warning.

Country music icon, 34, diagnosed with heart condition-Kitty Chrisp-Entertainment – Metro

Carly Pearce has said her recent diagnosis is going to change her tour (Picture: Mickey Bernal/NBC via Getty Images)

Carly Pearce has opened up about a recent heart condition diagnosis, which will impact her Hummingbird tour.

The country music singer, 34, has revealed she was diagnosed with pericarditis – an inflammation of the lining around the heart – and her show will be changed in order to keep her heart rate down.

The What He Didn’t Do hitmaker is touring her fourth studio album Hummingbird in the US currently, as she’s set to land in the UK in February 2025.

But given her recent health issues, the singer has warned fans the upcoming shows could be slightly different.

‘Hey y’all. I’ve always been transparent and honest about every part of my life and I feel this deserves the same honesty,’ Carly said in a video message to fans, posted on social media.

‘You guys know I’ve been dealing with some health issues and through that I have developed something called pericarditis which is a heart issue,’ she explained.

The singer is coming to the UK in February 2025 (Picture: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ABA)

‘I’ve been working with doctors, talking to my cardiologist and I still want to be out on the road. It’s really important to me. But we have all decided that it is in my best interests as I’m healing to alter my shows a little bit.

‘So if my shows look a little bit different just know it’s because I have to keep my heart rate under control right now. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be completely fine, it just right now I’ve got to really take this seriously.

‘So if you’re coming to the shows it is all going to be great, it just might look a little different so I’m asking for a little bit of grace.’

The star ended with a warning for fans: ‘I’m a young healthy person who watches what I eat and exercises, so I just want to use my platform to tell you to take care of your body, listen to it, and just know that if it’s trying to tell you something, it’s going to tell you.’

Fans flooded the comments section with their well-wishes, as fellow country singer @JessieLynnJL wrote: ‘I know exactly what you are experiencing… been there & done that! Be patient… it will get better! Take care of yourself & wishing you a speedy recovery!’

Roxanne Steele said, ‘Sending you so much love Carly!’ while @cracksoflight added: ‘We all love you and we’re praying for you.’

She gave fans a warning to look after their bodies (Picture: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

The NHS says pericarditis is ‘not usually serious, but it can sometimes cause serious health problems’.

The name comes from the pericardium – the fluid-filled sac that surrounds and protects the heart. In pericarditis, this gets inflamed and blood or fluid can leak into it.

The main symptom is chest pain, which can feel sharp or stabbing, and spreads to the shoulders, arms, or tummy.

The pain tends to get worse when you breathe in deeply, swallow, cough or lie down (especially on your left side) and it improves when leaning forward.

Pericarditis often develops following a viral infection like a cold or flu.

A GP will test for pericarditis by listening to your heart, doing blood tests, and referring you for a chest X-ray.

According to the NHS, treatment for the condition varies depending on its cause and could involve taking anti-inflammatory painkillers or other medicines like colchicine for recurrent cases, steroids if this does not work, and antibiotics if it’s caused by a bacterial infection.

Most people recover within a few weeks.

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